Actress Alfre Woodard and husband Roderick Spencer, married since 1983, talk of their difficult past

Actress Alfre Woodard and husband Roderick Spencer have been married since 1983. They have two adopted children; daughter Mavis and son Duncan. Maintaining a married life for more than thirty years, raising two kids all while kicking ass as a career woman is something only few women can do.

But this most celebrated black artist in Hollywood knows how to look after her family and maintain a healthy and happy married life with her husband.

She might look all busy, but Woodard has always been there for her sweet family of four. She resides with her dearest husband, who is a writer, and their adorable children, who are actors like her. And she is as much devoted towards her family as she is towards her work and career.

Being a black woman married to a white guy, the actress has had her own share of troubles in her marriage. It is not very easy for an interracial couple to come together as husband and wife and continue happily for a long time.

We all know how difficult it was for black people to even get equal rights as white folks. Life was certainly difficult for all of them. It was not easy for this lady, either.

 According to a source, she had to work quite hard to retain her married life and her family due to criticisms from both her and her husband’s families.

The insider, who claims to have known both Woodard and her husband up close, revealed that the Academy Award nominee faced lots of problem because of her marriage to her better half Spencer. Both her families, from her and Spencer’s side, were not happy with the couple’s decision to tie the knot.

“Alfre’s parents and her husband’s family were angry because of the couple’s decision to get married to each other. Their families did not want a black woman to be married to a white guy as it was a matter of disgrace to both their families.

But she did not budge as she was a strong and educated woman. Roderick was fully supportive of her and it was their love and support for each other that brought them together,” explained the informant.

The American film, stage, and television actress, producer, and political activist, who is often dubbed as the most versatile and talented actors of her generation, has not only been nominated once, twice or thrice, but eighteen times for an Emmy Award.

She has won the award four times. Woodard has also once been nominated for an Academy Award and Grammy Award. She has a Golden Globe Award, three Screen Actors Guild Awards and countless marvelous movies under her belt.

Now that she has this perfectly happy family and both of her children are aspiring actors (who we can hope to see as stars like her mother in future pretty soon), what more could she want?

Woodard has an estimated net worth of $13 million dollars.