5 Interesting Facts About Eric Wolfhard-Finn Wolfhard Father

Eric Wolfhard is a historical researcher who is well known among the public as the father of the Canadian actor, Finn Wolfhard. His son, Finn is known for his role as Mike Wheeler on the Netflix series Stranger Things.

Despite being the father of a popular actor, Eric keeps his personal and professional life private from the public. Due to this, many people are searching about his life on the internet. 

So in this article, we will mention five interesting facts regarding Eric Eolfhard's life, stay with us till the end for a bonus fact.

Eric Is Married To His Wife, Mary Jolivet For Two Decades

You, heard it right, Eric Wolfhard and his wife Mary Jolivet have been together for more than two decades. They share a healthy bond. The romantic couple tied the knot in the mid-90s, however, the exact date of their wedding is not available.

Mary is a freelancer working with Dormouse Design as a window display and merchandise. Previously, she used to work as an assistant director in her husband's office.

Father Of Two Sons: Finn & Nick Wolfhard

Eric Wolfhard has welcomed two talented sons from his relationship with his wife, Mary Jolivet. The couple welcomed their first child, Nick Wolfhard on October 21, 1997.

The couple welcomed their second son, Finn Wolfhard on December 23, 2002, in Vancouver, Canada. Eric is very close to his sons and is often seen with them in public

His Son, Nick Wolfhard Is Also a Well Known In the Entertainment Circle 

Nick Wolfhard is also a popular personality in the Canadian entertainment circle. Apart from being known as Finn Wolfhard's brother, he is also known for his voice dubbing in animated movies & TV series such as The EncounterThe Last Kid On EarthThe InBetween, etc.

Nick initially started his acting journey as Young James in the 2013 released short, Sci-Fi movie, Aftermath. After his first short movie, he started dubbing various animated character voices. As of now, he has 15 acting credits in his IMDb profile.

Eric is a Historical Researcher

As previously mentioned, Eric Wolfhard is a historical researcher who specializes in aboriginal land issues. Moreover, he is also a doctor by trade. He worked in several companies before establishing his own company VLW Research. His now-wife, Mary Jolivet used to work as an assistant in VLW Research.

Eric has achieved a great deal of success in his professional career, but however, he is mostly known among the public as the father of two talented sons, Nick, and Finn Wolfhard.

Eric Wolfhard Early Life: His Age and Bio  

Finn Wolfhard's father, Eric Wolfhard was born on September 14, 1965, in Canada and as of now, he is in his late 50s. He was born to his parents, Michael Richard (father) and Nora Wolfhard (mother). 

Eric was born and raised by his parents in Vancouver, Canada. After completing high school, he went to The University o British Columbia to complete his bachelor's degree in Arts. Likewise, he attended the University of Toronto Faculty of Law degree

Eric Is Available On Twitter

As a bonus fact, the historical researcher, Eric is available on Twitter where he goes by @ericwolfhard username. He has over 600 followers on his Twitter profile. He joined Twitter in October 2015.

Apart from Twitter, he does not have a profile on any of the other social media handles such as Instagram, Facebook, etc.

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