51 years old Keven Undergaro is Living Happily with his 39 years old wife Maria Menounos

January 31, 2018
First Published On: January 31, 2018

In today’s world, it is extremely rare to see a couple stay together for a long time. But Keven Undergaro and his wife, Maria Menounos who have been together since 1998 proved it wrong. Know everything in detail about their relationship, engagement, and marriage.


52-year-old American writer Keven Undergaro and 39-year-old Greek TV Personality got married recently at the end of 2017. As they have been together for long, you must be wondering if they have any kids. Get to know everything about Keven Undergaro's married life with wife Maria Menounos and their children right below:

Keven Undergaro engaged to her longtime girlfriend, Maria Menounos

Maria and Keven got engaged in an extremely romantic way. Talking about when the couple met, they got together back in April 1998. After 18 years of togetherness, Keven popped out the question to Maria and the duo got engaged.

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Caption: Maria Menounos got the shock of her life on Wednesday morning when her longtime boyfriend Keven Undergaro proposed her live.

As in the above video, Keven surprisingly proposed his long-term girlfriend Maria live on The Howard Stern Show. He proposed her saying,

Would you make me the happiest man on earth and would you marry me?

And Maria replied to him saying,

Are you friggin' kidding me right now? Is this a joke?

[ CAPTION: Keven Undergaro engaged to Maria Menounos ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

Maria was so happy that tears of happiness were shedding down her cheeks. It took quite a while before Maria believed that this was not a joke and answered, ‘Yes.’

Keven Undergaro Married her fiancée, Maria Menounos

Keven and Maria not only got engaged live on screen but also got married live. Yes, you read it right. The duo got married live on New Year’s Eve Show. They got married exactly six months after their engagement.

After 20 years of togetherness, the couple tied the knot on the last day of 2017. Isn't it the best way to start the new year with the love of your life?

[ CAPTION: Kevin Undergaro and Maria Menounos Wedding Photo][ SOURCE: US magazine ]

Both of their parents attended the wedding. Maria’s mom who is battling with stage 4 brain cancer also didn’t miss her daughter’s wedding. Their wedding party was held at Southern Hospitality BBQ.

[ CAPTION: Keven Undergaro and Maria Menounos Wedding Photo][ SOURCE: US magazine ]

The two are extremely supportive towards each other. Even though the couple has been together for 20 years, they don’t have any child. Why?

Well, they actually struggled to start a family. Despite their trials, they were not able to add a member to their family. However, both of them love dogs and are parents to four dogs.