Is 51 Years English Actress Helena Bonham Carter Married: Has Two Children

Helena Bonham Carter, a famous English actress is famous as an actor for famous movie series like Harry Potter, Cinderella, etc. She is currently working on the movie, The Crown as Princess Margaret. Well, today in this section, we will not be talking about her career and professional success but about her personal life, including her married life and children.


So, is Helena Bonham Carter good in parenting as she is in the movies? To find it out, you need to read the article until the end. We will about be talking about her marriage and husband (if she is married) or about her boyfriend (if she is not).

Helena Bonham Carter has two children, is she married?

As the subtopic suggests, Helena is the mother of two children. Her first child is a baby boy named  Billy Ray born on 6th October 2003. Similarly after four years, on 15th December 2007, her second child, a baby girl name is Nell was born.

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CAPTION: Helena Bonham Carter with her son and daughter SOURCE: Pinterest

Well, now that we know in detail about Helena’s children, all that’s left for us to know is the identity of the children's’ dad! So who is he? He is none other than an American film director, Tim Burton but the duo was never married, they were just engaged for more than a decade and then they broke up. Want to know more about the former couple? Let's keep on scrolling.

Helena Bonham and Tim Burton

Helena Bonham and Tim Burton got together back in July 2001. They developed a special bond between them in very less time. After just three months of getting together, the duo got engaged on October 2001 and the couple was together for 12 years. They gave birth to their son in 2003 and in 2007, their daughter was born.

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CAPTION: Helena Bonham Carter and her ex, Tim Burton with her so SOURCE: Daily Star

So what went wrong between them? Instead of getting married, why did they end up getting separated? After twelve years of togetherness, the couple got separated in 2014. However, Helena didn’t seem happy with the separation even after two years of their break up. She told to the Sunday Times,

You go through massive grief – it is a death of a relationship, so it’s utterly bewildering. Your identity, everything, changes.

The duo, however, hasn’t revealed the reason behind their separation. Looks like they didn’t match with one another and broke up on good terms because even after their separation, they say that they still have something very precious.

CAPTION: Helena Bonham Carter with her ex-fiancee Tim Burton SOURCE: US Weekly

Well, moving on to who Helena found in her life after Tim, back in September 2016, she was seen getting cozy with a mystery man.

CAPTION: Helena Bonham Carter getting cozy with a mystery man SOURCE: Daily Mail

Moreover, nobody really knows who the guy is, but looking at them walking together, we could say that they were very much comfortable with one another. However, Helena is not seen with the same man after that day, so he could just be a friend but who knows, they might be secretly dating too.

After the revelation, let's take a look at some quick facts about Helena Bonham's life events:

Facts about Helena Bonham Carter

1. Helena Carter was born on May 26, 1966. 
2. She is the daughter of a merchant banker. Raymond Bonham Carter. 
3. Her father was paralyzed after the unsuccessful brain surgery.
4. She was once engaged to a director, Tim Burton.
5. She met Tim on the set of Planet of the Apes back in the year 2001.
6. She and Tim together have two children, Billy Ray and Nell. 
7. Helena has a net worth of $30 million. 
8. She fluently speaks the French language.
9. From 1994 to 1999, she lived with the actor, Kenneth Branagh.
10. She is very good friends with the politician, Nick Clegg, back from their school days.