51 Years Actress Robin Wright Married Twice: Now Seeing Anyone as Boyfriend?

If you're happy, if you're feeling good, then nothing else matters. This beautiful quote is written by the famous American actress Robin Wright. She seems to be the kind of person, who seeks happiness above all. She’s had two failed marriage previously, was unhappiness the reason behind the divorce?


If you have watched the famous television series, House of Cars, you surely know Robin Wright very well, but do you really know everything about her? About her personal life, who is she dating currently, and with whom was she married previously? Well, you’ll get all the answers once you complete reading the article.

What is Robin Wright’s current relationship status?

With two previously failed marriages, it looks like Robin Wright has finally found the man of her dreams. Since the start of this year, 2018, Robin has been spotted several times being cozy with a guy. They spend a lot of time together and have also been spotted kissing, so, there’s no doubt that the duo is dating.

CAPTION: Robin Wright kissing her boyfriend Clement Giraudet as SOURCE: Daily Mail

So looking up for the guy, we found out that his name is Clement Giraudet and is of French descent. They were spotted kissing at the airport, looks like the duo had to wait a long time before seeing one another. This makes it obvious that they started dating before 2018. Not only this, the Robin and Clement were seen wearing a matching ring when they went to enjoy a soccer match.

CAPTION: Robin Wright and her boyfriend Clement Giraudet wearing SOURCE: Daily Mail

So, are they married? Or at least engaged? Well, they haven’t publicized it yet but looks like they are already engaged, if not married. From the time they flashed their rings on Paris, fans are starting to wonder if they have already tied the knot.

CAPTION: Robin Wright with her boyfriend Clement Giraudet enjoy SOURCE: Daily Mail

Well, we don’t know anything for sure. So, looks like we have to wait for them to announce that they are married or engaged. Now that we know who she is dating currently, let’s move on to Robin Wright’s previous marriages.

Robin Wright’s previous marriages

Robin got married for the first time with an American actor, Dane Witherspoon back in 1986 after two years of dating. However, things couldn’t work out between them because of which they got divorced in 1989 and they don’t have children together. Robin, however, died at the age of 56, back in March 2014.

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CAPTION: Robin Wright with her ex-husband, Dane Witherspoon SOURCE: Whosdatedwho

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If didn’t take long for Robin to fall for another actor, Sean Penn. They have been together on screen several times as well and they started dating in August 1990 and after six years, they got married on 27th April 1996. However, things again didn’t go as planned and after twelve years Robin Wright ended her second marriage.

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CAPTION: Robin Wright with her ex-husband, Sean Penn SOURCE: Whosdatedwho

With her second husband, she gave birth to two children, Dylan Frances, who is currently 26 years of age and Hopper Jack who is currently 24 years old.