Sean Penn Smoking Overcast Stephen Colbert Late-Night Interview

Sean Penn clouded the surrounding lighting the Cigarette. He was already on Ambien why add cigarette? Look fans reactions.


Smoking Kills! Sean Penn ignores the warning. While he was in the Stephen Colbert Late Night show he smoked two Cigarette that smoke almost surrounded him and Colbert.

Two time Academy Award winner was there to promote his new novel ‘Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff: A Novel’ but something else was on fire. For sure it was his Cigrate.

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The actor said he was already on Ambien and he was doing well now. He revealed that after getting a red eye last night he has to take a little sedative before arriving here.

Soon after responding Colbert he lights a cigarette and Colbert offered him an ashtray. Nowadays many TV has banned cigarette commercial as it is a health hazard and only a few shows rarely feature someone smoking like Colbert show.

Meanwhile, Penn lit another cigarette and Stephen cracked a joke and said “we want you around for a long time” and he started laughing. But that won't stop him from smoking.

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Why Sean Penn Smoked On Late-Night Show

First Penn like smoking as he always does. The second reason might be the question of Colbert in the show. When Colbert say we are playing a game here he again holds his cigarette back and enjoys it while Colbert continues asking questions.

Colbert named the game “Sean Penny-y For Your Thoughts.”

The question was crafted simple but some were unable to answer by the actor.

When he was asked if he has shaved below his necks he quickly said ‘pluck’. Looks like he wants to keep his shaving secret private.

The question that he didn’t ignore but though for while before answering was related to his wife Madonna. Colbert asked him who he loves if he has to choose between Madonna and Britney. The actor reply at ease “I love my first wife Madonna.”

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Few questions seem really tough so he has to take the support of a cigarette to keep him calm and ease to answer.   

How Fans Reacted On Smoking On the Live Show

During Penn visit on the Colbert show, it garnered a great deal of viewers attention and they did seem happy, what he did on the show.

Probably, if Penn buys some time to read the comment he will be aware of his smoking habit and won’t smoke in a live show again.