38 women accused James Toback of Sexual Harassment; See how celebrities reacted

After Harvey Weinstein's sexual harassment cases got revealed, many other celebrities are also added to the list. Recently, Bill O'Reilly's sex harassment gave a high peak, and now it looks like American film director and screenwriter James Lee Toback aka James Toback joined the group.


Oscar nominee for writing "Bugsy," James Toback has now been accused of sexual harassment by 38 women so far. Check out more in detail:

38 women accused James Toback of Sexual Harassment; See how celebrities reacted

According to a report published in The Los Angeles Times on Sunday, 38 women accused the writer and director James Toback of sexual harassment.

The report claims that Toback approached the women on the streets of The New York City and promised them stardom. He often ends the meetings with sexual questions and masturbating in front of them.

James Toback James Toback    Source: buzz

Thirty-one women spoke on the recording and include the stars like guitarist and vocalist for Veruca Salt, Louise Post, and actress Terri Conn.

Actress Echo Danon remembers the incident on the set of "Black and White" where she was harassed by Toback. She revealed that Toback put his hands on her, pinched her nipples, and said that he would ejaculate if she looked at his eyes.

She added:

Everyone wants to work, so they put up with it,

That’s why I put up with it. Because I was hoping to get another job.

Times reporter Glenn Whipp said that the number of the accusers had double since the report had published. And also, Toback has not responded the request from The Associated Press.

Now several celebrities and Hollywood faces have started tweeting back about Toback. The Bridesmaids' director Paul Feig tweeted saying Toback is a disgrace.

James Gunn, Rose McGowan, Steven Pasquale, John Fugelsang, Anthony Bourdain, Joy Reid, Asia Argento, Daniel Newman, Scott Derrickson, Rod Lurie, and Todd Levin tweeted about Toback. Have a look:

The 72-year-old writer and director denied the allegations to The Los Angeles Times claiming that he never met any of the women or if had met then it was only for five minutes and he has no recollection.