30 Years American Football Quarterback Colin Kaepernick Receives Huge Salary and Bonus; His Lifestyle and Net Worth

June 7, 2018
First Published On: June 8, 2018

The 30 years old American Football Quarterback, Colin Kaepernick is currently a free agent. Colin previously played for San Francisco 49ers and college football at the University of Nevada in Reno. Kaepernick was released by 49ers just before the start of the 2017 league year.


Kaepernick is living happily with his partner Nessa. Along with his successful married life, Kaepernick has a successful professional life too. Today, we will discuss in details about Kaepernick's salary, net worth, bonus as well as lifestyle. So to know everything, keep scrolling. 

Colin Kaepernick Net worth and Salaries

Since his school days, Kaepernick began playing football. After completing his college football at University of Nevada, Reno, Kaepernick was picked by San Francisco 49ers in 2011 during 2011 NFL Draft. From his football career, Kaepernick earns a decent amount of money.

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However, Celebrity Net Worth has mentioned Kaepernick's networth as $20 million and the Richest has mentioned as $22 million. Well, analyzing the data of both sites Kaepernick's networth must be in the similar ranger. 

In 2011, Kaepernick signed a contract with San Francisco 49ers for $5,100,000 which included the base salary of $375,000 and bonus $2,226,000. Likewise, 49ers paid Kaepernick $607,000 in 2012. Similarly, his salary in 2013 was $740,000 along with $100,000 bonus.

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CAPTION: Colin Kaepernick and his partner Nessa SOURCE: Instagram

Kaepernick signed a six-year extension contract with 49ers in 2014 worth up to $126 million, including $12,300,000 signing up bonus, $645,000 salary and $100,000 bonus. In 2015, Kaepernick received the salary of $10,400,000 with a roster bonus of $1,250,000 and workout bonus $400,000 and $4,900 incentive. 

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Colin Kaepernick House and Cars

In 2016, Kaepernick kept his San Jose house on sale for $2.895 million. He had bought the house back in 2014 for $2.7 million and had put for renovation. The house featured a fireplace, a chef's kitchen, an office/den, four bedrooms and 5.5 bathrooms, a living room situated in the area of 4,600 square feet.

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However, the house was finally sold for $3.075 million, $180,000 more than the actual acting price. Kaepernick owns several cars including Jaguar F type worth $126,650-$290,512 and Jaguar F type convertible worth $63,995-$83,995. He further owns a Jaguar XJ worth $75,400. 

Top 10 facts of Colin Kaepernick

1. Colin Kaepernick was born on 3rd November 1987, in  Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States.
2. Colin Kaepernick was born to a 19-year-old white woman Heidi Russo.
3. Colin Kaepernick's mother Russoplaced Kaepernick for adoption to Teresa Kaepernick, and Rick Kaepernick.
4. At the age of 8, Kaepernick began playing football as a defensive end and punter.
5. Besides football, Kaepernick played baseball during his high school. 
6. Kaepernick played college football at the University of Nevada, Reno.
7. Colin Kaepernick was picked by San Francisco 49ers during  2011 NFL Draft.
8. Colin Kaepernick is living with his partner Nessa.
9. Since late 2015, Kaepernick began following a vegan diet.
10. On March 3, 2017, Kaepernick was released as a free agent by 49er.