29 Years Dutch Model Stefanie Joosten Career Achievements and Awards

Stefanie Joosten is a Dutch model and actress, who is currently modeling and living in Japan since 2011. As a successful model, she has added a lot to her total net worth through her career in the field of modeling. 


The 29 years' old model who is currently occupied with her career in modeling, singing, and acting, had been present in the field since not before than 2011. But, even though, she started that late, she has become able to earn a lot of fame and cash in her short career. If you want to know the career earnings of the model, Stefanie Joosten, then keep scrolling. 

Stefanie Joosten Net Worth

The model, Stefanie Joosten who is rising into fame day by day with her hard work and passion has earned a good sum of money. But its very hard to say about her exact collection of the fund as she has not disclosed it anywhere. But some tabloid sources have claimed that she has a total estimated net worth of $1.20 million. 

CAPTION: Stefanie Joosten SOURCE: Instagram

With the start of her professional career in 2011, when she was around 21 years', she came to rise and earned a lot of cash with that. She has been in a number of acting roles and TV commercials up to now. Besides, she is also heavily linked with being a model for the Japanese Video Games. 

Some of her best video games where she has modeled and given her voice for are Quiet, Metal Gear, and ICEY

Stefanie Joosten way of living 

Different people have a different way of living. Model Stefanie also has an own way of living. As we go through her social media, we came to know that she is a food lover. Although being a model, she prefers to try different food every day.

CAPTION: Stefanie Joosten enjoying food SOURCE: Instagram
CAPTION: Stefanie Joosten enjoying food SOURCE: Instagram
CAPTION: Stefanie Joosten enjoying food SOURCE: Instagram

Her Instagram is full of the post of her trying new food. Seeing that we came to know that she spends most of her earnings on food.

Not only that she also loves to visit different places in her free time. She is seen visiting different country sometimes with her professional l work and some time for a vacation to enjoy.

CAPTION: Stefanie Joosten enjoying in Europe SOURCE: Instagram

????????????????(^^) Got to see the Eiffel Tower's glittering illumination today.

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Stefanie Joosten pet

Stefanie is also an animal lover. She has a pet dog named as Micky. And she treats her dog like a child and takes care of it. Her dog is of Labrador breed. It is known as one of the most loyal dogs.

CAPTION: Stefanie Joosten SOURCE: Instagram

As per the US market, its price is around $800-$1200. And if you are aware of the dog feeding, then you must know that it is very costly to feed one dog. It is said that it very costly process to feed and nurture a dog.

Top 10 Facts of Stefanie Joosten

1. Stefanie Joosten was born 5th August 1988 in Roermond, Limburg.
2. She originally forms Netherland but lives in Japan for her career.
3. She was the fans of carton Pokemon since her childhood.
4. She studied Japanese language and culture since her young age at Leiden University in the Netherlands.
5. She started her career at the age of 21.
6. Joosten is a motion capture model for the big game brand, Konami. 
7. She is fluent in Dutch, English, and Japanese. 
8. She gave her voice to the theme song of the video game Quiet. 
9. She has also been featured in YouTube Studio Tokyo 2016.
10. Joosten got military training from the Kojima Productions for her capture of Quiet.