Zoe Levin talks about what she wants in a boyfriend while dating

October 6, 2015
First published on:October 6, 2015
by HitBerry

Zoe Levin might be one of the hottest women in the world. She is sexy, charming and talented. But, despite all that, she does not have a boyfriend. As strange as it may sound, that is the truth.

This multitalented actress, aged 21, is currently single and hasn’t been dating anyone right now. So all the guys out there, put on a happy face. You never know when you might get lucky (wink).

Levin has always been successful in keeping her personal life as low profile as possible. The media has done its best to dig out the hidden secrets of her life, but in vain. She has always been winning this race against the hawkeyed media and there’s only one thing they know about her; that she is single.

But luckily, we have been able to extract some information about the Palo Alto star. As per a source close to the actress, the currently single Levin is eager to start a relationship with a suitable guy. The informant revealed that the Trust actress had been thinking of starting a relationship with someone. “Zoe is eager to have a relationship and she has been seeing a few men lately. She is 21 and her friends and even her parents had been insisting that she date a man. But, she never seemed interested,” said the source.

“She is young and beautiful and she feels that she has a lot to see and do in her long life. She thinks girls her age should be more focused on their career rather than love and relationship, which is why she had been avoiding men altogether. She always used to say “I haven’t found my kind of guy”. But now, Zoe is giving a second thought to all this dating stuff,” explained the insider.

So what kind of boyfriend does Levin want to have? What qualities should he possess in order to impress this dashingly hot lady? The source says it all.

The informant revealed every single detail on the kind of man does Zoe want to hook up with. “She wants someone from outside the showbiz. She does not want to date someone who belongs to the same field as her. She thinks that having a romantic affair with an actor or someone from Hollywood would be old and boring,” the source told.

“Zoe is really interested in regular guys who love to travel and enjoy every single aspect of life. So she has been going out with a few men just to make sure she finds her dream man,” revealed the insider.

The gossipmonger added that her friends had also been setting her up on double dates. So, listening to all these gossips, we are pretty sure that Levin would surely find her Prince Charming any time soon.

Levin has romanced with several hot men on movie screen and has garnered critical acclaims for her work in movies. The actress is quite active on Twitter and is cashing in millions of dollar in net worth.

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