Zoe Ball and Fatboy Slim are estranged after 17 years of marriage. Ball said Norman Cook was BORING.

HitBerryPublished on   25 Sep, 2016Updated on   19 May, 2021

Zoe Ball has recently decided to split with Norman Cook 'DJ Fatboy Slim' just because she is bored being with him and happy with her new toyboy. Norman seems to be shocked by the sudden decision of Zoe to get split.

Zoe who left Norman for her younger love is said to be in his twenties as her friends revealed. She seems to openly share about her being involved with her new lover. Her new love named is Tay Tay who is just 22 years old.

Zoe and Norman in their wedding

Zoe and Norman in their wedding 

According to a source stated: "Zoe told heartbroken Norman he was boring and said that she just wanted to drink and have sex with a new younger lover."

There was a tweet by both Zoe and Norman sharing the news of getting separated.

Zoe and Norman with their son

Zoe and Norman with their son

It was written that 'With great sadness, we are announcing that we have separated. After many exciting adventures together over the last 18 years, we have come to the end of our rainbow. We are still great friends and will continue to support each other and raise our beautiful children together, living next door but one. X Zoe & Norm

It's said that while Zoe Ball is getting closer to a male pal who is in his twenties, Norman Cook is working to rearrange work commitments to care for their son and daughter.  

Zoe Ball's new toyboy Tay Tay

Zoe Ball's new toyboy Tay Tay

Zoe Ball and Norman Cook 'DJ Fatboy Slim' were married in 1999 and were together for 18 years. The divorced couple has two children together, Nelly May Lois Cook and Woody Fred Cook.

Zoe Ball was encountered snogging a singer of a boy band who was almost 20 years younger than her. This scene was off last year and then the event eventually broke the long love of Zoe and Norman.


Zoe Ball and Norman Cook were separated before too, in 2003 and got together again later after three months.

When the news of Zoe getting close with a young boy was flashes Fatboy slim was kind of shocked. But Zoe doesn’t seem to be amazed as she was happy with the twenty years young boy band toyboy.

Zoe Ball is an English television and radio personality. She is best known for being the first female host of The Radio 1 Breakfast Show and 1990's children show Live & Kicking.

Norman Quentin Cook is a popular English DJ known as Fatboy Slim. He is also a musician and record producer and mixer.

Zoe Ball and Norman Cook were in a relationship before they got married. They were dating each other while Zoe Ball was in BBC Radio 1. They tie the knot in 1999 at Babington House on Somerset.

Norman in 2009 went to rehabilitation centre in Bournemouth to fight a 'booze addiction'