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Zenbo Smart Companion and Child Friendly

April 18, 2017
First published on:April 18, 2016
by HitBerry

Zenbo proves to be one smart companion for you. Being successor of Buddy, Zenbo features all upgrades that Buddy lacks. Zenbo performs several predefined tasks along with some manual commands.
BUDDY, the very first smart companion made by French company [Blue Frog Robotics] was revolutionary in the modern robotics world. Zenbo inherits Buddy as all design, built quality and features are similar to that of Buddy. Although being copied concept robot, Zenbo is cute enough to attract the mind of customers. Read: How does Zenbo Work?

How is Zenbo Smart Companion and Child Friendly?

Zenbo can perform various tasks independently like notifying for help, capture moments, express emotions and more. Being one cute robot, Zenbo is able to sense situations, react as per the situation, connect and control home devices, can be entertainer within education.

Zenbo won’t let unknown person inside

Zenbo has some smart sense that is it will only allow people known. Zenbo could be updated with user’s friends and family. When the unknown person visits a house, Zenbo can forward the image of them through additional security device to the user.
“You will be perfectly safe.

Zenbo patrols around the house

It’s not like you will always be at home. When you are not around, Zenbo performs house patrol on its own. Zenbo is capable enough to notify you in your cell phone if any situation appears. Also, Zenbo can call for help, SOS through radio control.

Controls over usage of Energy

Unlike other robots consuming much of energy, Zenbo is standalone to be energy efficient. Not only for its own system, Zenbo is programmed to control over usage of energy in the house. It is also capable to shut down TV, light bulb, control Air Conditioner, and also control overall energy-based systems.

Works as Social Partner for you

Zenbo is perfect social partner for you. Zenbo is able to capture your precious moments and share it to top Social Medias. Zenbo also summarizes notification of your social media account.

No need to hire personal assistant when Zenbo is around

When Zenbo is with you, you don’t need personal assistant. Zenbo will remind you to do lists, alarm and reminders, schedule works, and also does every tasks that one assistant does.

Education within Entertainment

Zenbo is smart companion along with fun device for children. Zenbo is upgraded with advanced education system through which your children could learn along with entertaining themselves. Zenbo features Quiz, Word Puzzle, Story Telling and much of other playing applications.
“When Zenbo is there, your children won’t ask for extra fun items.

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