Zenbo Smart Companion and Child Friendly

April 18, 2017
First published on:April 18, 2016
by HitBerry

Zenbo proves to be one smart companion for you. Being successor of Buddy, Zenbo features all upgrades that Buddy lacks. Zenbo performs several predefined tasks along with some manual commands.
BUDDY, the very first smart companion made by French company [Blue Frog Robotics] was revolutionary in the modern robotics world. Zenbo inherits Buddy as all design, built quality and features are similar to that of Buddy. Although being copied concept robot, Zenbo is cute enough to attract the mind of customers. Read: How does Zenbo Work?

How is Zenbo Smart Companion and Child Friendly?

Zenbo can perform various tasks independently like notifying for help, capture moments, express emotions and more. Being one cute robot, Zenbo is able to sense situations, react as per the situation, connect and control home devices, can be entertainer within education.

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