Zenbo Robot: How does it work?

HitBerryPublished on   18 Apr, 2016Updated on   23 May, 2021

Zenbo Household Robot, Cheap and Affordable

Asus Taiwan unveiled the very first affordable robot named Zenbo which is capable of performing household works. ASUS being a tough competitor to international tech companies now can get beyond them through this creation. Zenbo could be quite competitor to Google Voice Assistant and Siri of Apple. Also, Zenbo is child-friendly robot?

Design of Zenbo

Zenbo is small vacuum like robot similar to the robot we saw in the movie Wall-E. Zenbo rolls or move around with the help of two wheels. The design itself is very cute. The big body of its, contains its main board and camera on the top. Along with that, its round shaped head is built with touchscreen and robot itself can display emotions as per the situation.

What Zenbo Can Do?

Zenbo can perform several tasks independently. Although assistance and training should be provided in order to fully get through its potential. Movement – Zenbo can move without obstruction around house Watch – Zenbo is able to watch through its camera. Zenbo is compatible with face recognition, capture moments and other tasks Express – “Zenbo is able to express or speak”, sounds exciting! Zenbo speaks with the help of AI inserted in its main system. It can remind important info, when work is completed and also could be best buddies for children. Perceive – Zenbo comprises of voice recognition software which helps to respond user voice and command. Learn – Zenbo with AI can easily learn your behaviour and preference. This feature is installed to adapt along according to the user. Connect – Zenbo can connect to internet, link with home devices, security systems to monitor house. Apart from that Zenbo can also order items, can send and receive voice calls.

How to Operate Zenbo?

Zenbo could be operated head to head or through mobile. Zenbo offers hands free control through which user can control robot anonymously with the help of pre-defined device. It helps to develop secure control system over the device. Zenbo can be sweet companion to your children, personal companion for your daily work as well as household worker for your home. Company claims that this particular robot can be replacement for home security service and eventually smartphones. Zenbo is priced at cheapest and most affordable rate of just $599. For the time being, it is only available to Taiwan’ local stores; it will soon get introduced to big cities of USA, UK and other.

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