Zelda William and Australian Actor Jackson Heywood were the Sweetest Couple. What possibly went wrong?

July 25, 2016
First Published On: July 25, 2016
by HitBerry

Zelda Williams, daughter of the greatest, Robin Williams; was believed to be dating Australian actor Jackson Heywood. Going through their old pictures, it looked like they didn’t have any sort of problems regarding their relationship. But they eventually had to call it off on May 2014.

Zelda William’s New Year Eve in Sydney with Jackson Heywood

Zelda Williams flew to Sydney with Jackson Heywood for the 2015 New Year Eve. The young actress shared a close-up shot of Sydney’s popular Harbor Bridge against the pure blue sky. In addition to it there was another shot where Zelda laid down straight on top of Jackson at the beach in a brown string bikini and she stated that it was actually better than a beach towel. The pair  spent their time at the wildlife with Wallabies, Crocodiles and Penguins. Looking at her pictures, it looks like she really had one hell of a time in Australia.

Jackson Heywood supports Zelda Williams after the demise of her Father

People say, you get to know the real side of any person at your darkest times and Jackson Heywood proved to be an amazing source of support. He was there at her worst by supporting her when Robin Williams passed away. He also posted a tweet about the demise of Zelda’s father. Though it seems like they were meant to be, some disputes proved them wrong which ended up with a split. 

Jackson Heywood's tweet after the death of Robin Williams and he was there for Zelda at all times.

Jackson Heywood's tweet after the death of Robin Williams and he was there for Zelda at all times.

Is Zelda Bisexual?

Zelda played a transgender counselor in the TV series ‘Dead of Summer’ as Drew Reeves. She later revealed that she finally felt comfortable in her ‘Own Skin’. Now, what does this mean? It sure looks like she is trynna convey a message with this. In an interview with ‘Who’ magazine, she says that, “I was always confortable with my sexuality and now I finally feel confident in how I present myself”.

So, maybe this might be the other reason for why Jackson and Zelda decided to call their 3 years perfect relationship off.




It has been 2 years since the pair decided to split up. They first met in the ‘Teen Wolf’ set and the romance bloomed into a relationship in no time. Before Jackson, Zelda had been seen with Alex Frost couple of times. Unlike other couples who rather prefer going to parties and enjoying hard ; Zelda and Jackson did not spend much of their time at clubs and that was one of the reasons the couple was able to handle their relationship for 3 years. 

They say distance makes their heart grows fonder but probabaly for Zelda and Jackson  this became more of a reason to their clashes as soon after they had to suffer a break up. If reports are to beleieved the difference in their culture and diversity of American and Australian culture were the reason for the break up.

Zelda Williams and Jackson Heywood

Zelda Williams and Jackson Heywood dated each other for three years after which they put their affair on hault and broke up with each other.