Zach Quittman Reveals That He Dated New Girlfriend Paula Patton After Splitting with His Wife

Paula Patton new boyfriend says he has already split with his wife when he began dating the actress.


Zach Quittman defends, Paula Patton is no home-wrecker.

The Ghost Protocol star opened she has been dating new men Zach Quittman, a realtor, who is reported to be married to another woman. The extramarital affair has drawn huge criticism on the internet and some have pointed the cause to be Patton who has recently separated with her ex-husband Robin Thicke because he was cheating on her during their marriage.


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“We were totally separated before I moved on,” says quittman to the PEOPLE.

He continued it was “for a while.” When asked about rumors that his ex-wife was caught off guard by his decision he replied “Obviously there are three sides to every story and I’m not pointing the finger or saying anyone’s wrong, but we were definitely separated before I moved on,” said explaining it.

From his entire statement, he was focused on proving that he was not in relation with his estranged wife while he started dating the actress.

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The duo was spotted outing in the New York on Wednesday smiling and holding their hands. She announced her affair on Extra TV Monday promoting her new film Traffik to release on April 20, 2018.