Youtuber Eugenia Cooney's boyfriend is skleton which is hanging behind her bedroom door

HitBerryPublished on   10 Nov, 2016Updated on   10 Nov, 2016

The young YouTube star Eugenia Cooney is becoming very much popular these days. There are almost million people following her on her channel. Despite thin physical appearance many people appreciate her videos and in the video she uploaded early this year 'I have a boyfriend' there were many questions asked to Eugenia about her style and personal life.

In the video Eugenia Cooney revealed that she has a boyfriend and even showed who he is. She answered all the questions that was been asked by her fans. She seems happy answering and making the video for her fans.

Eugeina Cooney Eugeina Cooney 

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So let's find out who her boyfriend is.

Who is Eugenia Cooney boyfriend?

Eugenia CooneyEugenia Cooney

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Eugenia Cooney is growing more and more popular these days. She has been able to grab the attention of many viewers. As in the video 'I have a boyfriend' she answered those questions she told her fans to post in Twitter.  As she was answering the queries one by one and when the questions about her boyfriend arose she felt wired to answer about it.


Is Jacks skeleton your boyfriend? After this question she admitted that she has spoken about him in lot of her videos but she was very nervous to tell the whole truth. "I didn’t really know how to tell you guys this… It's probably going to be a sudden thing for you guys…. I have spoken about this person in lot of my videos but I never really got into a relationship or what this person means to me… I don’t feel like it's fair to you guys for me not be honest. So, I'm just gonna tell you guys the truth and the truth is that yes I do have a boyfriend.

And then she finally show her boyfriend which was a skeleton which was hanging behind her bedroom door.  

Will Eugenia Cooney be banned from YouTube?

Eugenia CooneyEugenia Cooney

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Eugenia Cooney has been growing admires but many viewers are referring her as 'too thin' or anorexic. Many people accused her of encouraging young girls to follow her to become anorexic too. According to Medical Daily, despite of having million subscribers, a petition on is demanding that she be banned from the website. It also said that the petition even acquired more than 18,000 signatures demanding Eugenia Cooney to get banned in order for her to receive help for her serious medical condition.  



Woke up like an hour ago good morning guys ?? how are you doing today? ??

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Then after this issue Eugenia Cooney uploaded video titled ">'Sorry', saying her videos was never related to promotion of weight loss. She said,' I'm sorry to anyone I'm angering or upsetting because I seriously never mean to do that. I feel like so many people on the internet hate me right now and seem to think I'm a really bad person. They think I'm too skinny or have a 'problem'. They say I'm a bad influence on girls, but I've never encouraged or told people to look like me.

Eugenia Cooney even cried on her video and shared her experience on her struggle from her childhood to school and till now. How she used to get negative attentions but she doesn’t want to encourage more bad behavior from commenters and fans. We also can see many video how other youtubers have made video about unhealthy appearance of Eugenia Cooney and even requested their viewers to stop visiting her page in order to cut her fan base.