Youtuber Aryia Emrani net worth: See his cars and career as a YouTuber

Speaking of this generation, YouTube has been one of the best platforms to make money. Likewise, I get this name on my head when I think of YouTube, Aryia Emrai.

Well, he is a popular YouTuber who has been earning so much and his net worth has been rising up like crazy. Also, he kinda possesses some fancy cars with his YouTubing career. Find out.

Aryia Emrani’s Net Worth

Aryia Emrani, popular for his channel called ‘SimpleSexyStupid’; his net worth has taken a great height. To be precise, his net worth hits 6 figures for sure. Cuz you know, he is a really popular guy and he has uploaded more than 85 videos so far. Furthermore, he is connected with more than 854,895 people on YouTube. 

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Aryia’s each video gets more than 500,000 views. And one of the people on states that the minimum amount paid by YouTube is $0.00047 per every view. And to let you folks know, there are some videos of his where the views grossed over 5 million. I am pretty sure you are slowly getting ideas on how much money he has been earning, right! 

Aryia Emrani’s Motorcycle

By scrolling over his instagram page named 'Simplyaryia', it appears as though he owns a bike and he stated it by saying "F*****g lady in the background ruined my pic trying to show people I'm cool and ride a motorcycle". 

And yes, he is so right. He looks too cool in a helmet, Don't you guys think so?? See it for yourself.

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Aryia Emrani T-Shirt Sale

It looks like he has been selling a lotta T-Shirts that say 'Simple Sexy Stupid' and 'BAE'. And on social sites; by putting it on, he promotes it and make people want it. You can have a look. And i must say, with all the tees, he might be earning a lot from that as well. 

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Source: instagram

Aryia Emrani’s Career

Before his career as a YouTuber hit the road, Aryia Emrani played with various bands. Later, he started uploading them on YouTube on his first channel called ‘AryiaFilms’ when he was just a 16-year-old guy. Emrani then slowly got visitors and here he is now, a YouTuber who has been earning by uploading videos. Sounds so freaking cool, eh!! 

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