You would be blown by how 'Vikings' actress Ruby O'Leary twists her hand

HitBerryPublished on   02 Jun, 2016Updated on   20 Jul, 2017

Ruby O'Leary, who plays main character’s daughter role in the TV series ‘Vikings’ has got an incredible talent. She is an Irish actress who successfully settled in the millions of hearts.

With a cute face and decent smile, O'Leary stays on the top of headlines. Moreover, she has an amazing talent that everyone needs to watch out.

'Vikings' actress Ruby O'Leary twists her hand

Despite her incredible acting skills, O'Leary came into the spotlight after she twisted her hand. Everybody got blown away after looking how amazingly she could twist her hand. It sure is not an easy thing to do. Her twisting hand video made her stay in the headlines and helped to add fame in her lime light. You can see the video down below how Ruby twists her hand. The video is from the set of Vikings.

Source: media-cache

Ruby who is the daughter of the king in the series, died because of plague. In Vikings, she went to a festival that occurs in every 12 years where there is sacrificed animals and even humans too. Plague burst out there, and Ruby died.

Apart from being an actress, she has also appeared as a cheerleader in the basketball game. Ruby does not seem much active on her social networking site, but her fans had posted the video of her doing cheerleading on the Twitter.

Young actress seems to be multi-talented. You know, Ruby O'Leary appears to be quite secretive regarding her personal life. She loves to keep her information behind the curtains and barely shares her stuff.