Yasmin Vossoughian was Pregnant with husband Clifford before wedding. Find the whole scoop here.

Yasmin Vossoughian is married and enjoying the relationship with her husband Whittaker Lindsay Clifford completely. The wedding was a very close affair with Yasmin and her loved ones surrounded by her. However ,we noticed a very strange thing while looking at her wedding photos.

Yasmin who got married to Clifford in late June of 2016 in a very quiet affair seems to have a baby bump in her wedding gown. We wonder though if this is the reason Yasmin got married in such a low affair and in a rush?




Not just that even all her Instagram pictures have comments from her dear ones who insist on Yasmin to be safe and sound. Additionally, given the baby bump looks so prominent we are pretty sure that it is 3 months old; the time around which a baby bump shows. And well we are not exactly wrong because a comment on Whittaker’s Instagram suggested Yasmin to be safe and are pretty excited for the happening that is going to take place 8 weeks later.

If calculated from the time of her wedding to 8 weeks later it makes up 9 months perfectly so happy times are undoubtedly up for Yasmin and her husband Whittaker Clifford. Simply saying there is a baby awaiting them in November. We don't say so. Her husband Clifford is equally excited and is seen quoting this as a hashtag.


Ironically since then Yasmin has not posted full pictures of hers in social sites so no doubts on that; she is obviously pregnant. Yasmin who is very famous not just for being an HLN correspondent but was ridiculed too by @Fart on Twitter. Additionally, she is often made fun of because of her nose but nothing seems to bother her. In fact, she is very happy with her man and is enjoying all the undivided attention she is getting from him.

We wish for Yasmin to be safe and sound. Along with that many congratulations to the couple who are nearing the door of parenthood.


Yasmin is a certified yoga teacher.