Yasmin Vossoughian Nose: There is Nothing Wrong; Infact It is Unique

HitBerryPublished on   09 Aug, 2016Updated on   11 Mar, 2018

Yasmin Vossoughian is known for her work as a correspondent at HLN. She joined the network in May 2014 and covers various areas such as entertainment as well as breaking news.


Yasmin definitely is one pretty lady - her almond-shaped alluring eyes and her nose is rather unique - one of a kind. 

CAPTION: Yasmin Vossoughian SOURCE: Twitter

Yasmin, who co-hosts "The Daily Share" along with Ali Nejad, is an overall- beauty with brains. In case you missed observing, her nose is really a standout. We don’t generally get to see such pointy noses (She could easily challenge someone to touch the top of their nose with their tongue).

Many, who have such kind of noses, would probably perform surgeries to shorten it, but Kudos to Yasmin - she has taken it as a compliment and never fails to flaunt herself. One could call it a 'Giraffe Nose' (long and pointed - just like how a giraffe would look with its head bent downwards!)

CAPTION: Yasmin Vossoughian SOURCE: Twitter

Yasmin is an Iranian-American – her mother is from Iran and her father is an American. Now it is clear why her face isn’t totally American like! A nose like Yasmin’s is popularly known as “The Hawk Nose” – as the name suggests, it has sharp contours and a slight bend in the middle. Perfectly describes Yasmin’s nose doesn’t it?

If you look from the side, this types of the nose look like a hawk’s beak. Such people tend to be determined, focused and confident! These are also similar to aquiline noses (eagle noses).

Celebrities such as Julia Roberts, Cate Blanchet, Anna Kendrick, and Sarah Jessica Parker resemble the same type of nose styles.

Yasmin tries out Kim Kardashian's Vampire Facial

Kim Kardashian – once again – was in the limelight when she opted for a vampire facial at their show – Kim and Khloe take Miami (2009). The trend was so famous in 2015, HLN star Yasmin also wanted to experience something similar; she tried out the facial too!

She shared her experiences through her show The Daily Share and mentioned that she had nine needles punched to her face – for more than thousand times! (Must have been so painful). The main aim of the facial is basically to tighten the skin to give it a sleek shape and to improve the texture of the face.

There was a rather unusual comment on this youtube video though. The guy believes that Yasmin had a nose surgery!

Yasmin’s Beauty Secrets

Yasmin, who has had her trips from Atlanta Food and Wine Festival to World Cup tutorial, has an amazing skin tone and keeps up a healthy body shape. She really maintains her fitness and you really would want to follow her schedule!

She believes in waking up early and also is an intense yoga doer – she is a registered yoga teacher too! Her breakfast is filled with nutrients – bananas, almond milk and frozen pineapples.

She has had her own set of eating disorders in the past and tries her best to not get into the same position ever again in her life. Her clean, clear face and body tone explains it all!

Yasmin is married and she is already pregnant.