Yanet Garcia, the hottest Mexican weatherwoman sends internet into a frenzy, ‘Weather Girl’ trends top on social media

June 26, 2015
First Published On: June 26, 2015
by HitBerry

Yanet Garcia, the hottest Mexican weather presenter over recent weeks has taken the internet by storm and indeed has become the internet sensation.

Garcia, the weatherwoman of Mexico-based Televisa Monterrey, is soaring the temperature with her stylish and hot on-air looks and is surely the reason why viewers wait for the weather news. Definitely, the sexy meteorologist Yanet, gives everybody a perfect reason to turn on their TV sets. The weather anchor also went on to be one of the top trending topics in social media.

After driving entire Mexico crazy with her onscreen bombshell looks, she has uploaded her weather forecasts on Youtube for her fans who do not have access to her Mexican channel. Yanet has named a channel after herself on Youtube which draws millions of viewers. Really, she has drawn much global attention and her increasing viewers on Youtube channel speaks of this, well all thanks to her hot body and figure hugging dresses.

Gifs galore of her broadcasts have popped up all over the shop and since she was discovered on internet, her followers have mounted to 41k on twitter while she has 33k on Instagram. She often posts of her outfits on social media before appearing on her tv channel, Televisa Monterrey to present the weather forecasts.

 Her good looks not only gave her overnight fame but gave high ratings to her television channel too.

The 20 year old Garcia calls herself a model and weather presenter and she also runs her own modeling agency which offers classes for young girls. This fantastic ‘Weather Girl’ is allegedly dating Doug censor Martin. Her alleged boyfriend is two-time Call of Duty National Champion is a director for the FaZe Clan and has played for numerous professional gaming teams, including Quantic, Team EnVy, Strictly Business and Prophecy. He is also an American Fitness Pro and is pretty famous for his work.

Doug posted a picture of him and Yanet on Twitter where Yanet is panting a peck on his left cheek. He tweeted the photo and captioned it that he was glad he got safe there (Mexico) and that it was a crazy experience. He said that he flown all the way to Mexico just to meet Yanet, his weather-predicting Idol.

While in other tweet, posting a cute picture of him and Yanet Doug wrote, “I have never felt this free in my entire life.”

One Twitterati has even wondered if she will move up the broadcasting ranks to Fox News. Even radio stations have noticed her, Planet Radio 105.1 in Lafayette, La., conducted a poll out to see if she is or will be the best ever. "Could #YanetGarcia Be The Hottest Weather Anchor Ever? You decide!!

Well, it seems it’s all bright and sunny for now in this hot weather presenter’s career!!