Xena: Warrior Princess posts on Twitter about rumors of a possible reboot of the TV series

July 31, 2015
First Published On: July 31, 2015
by HitBerry

Fans have been waiting for a sequel to Xena: Warrior Princess since it's cancellation in 2001.  With rumors flying around about a possible reboot by NBC, fans are curious to know whether this is true or not. Lucy Lawless, the original Princess Xena, said that if there indeed is a reboot in the making for Xena, she is unaware of it. However, this does not mean we should not expect one anytime soon. According to reports by EW, a writer has not been set for the script.

In the Television Critics Association’s semi-annual press tour, Lawless talked about the possible new NBC venture, she said," There was a conversation they [Lawless' husband and one of the creators of Xena, and NBC]  had a year ago, maybe longer,”

She said that neither she nor her husband Robert Tapert are involved. Lawless said, “If there’s anything current going on, we’re not involved — we being me, Rob, Sam,” she said. “But they could be doing it without us, they have the right to, don’t they? But we are not. I’d love to see it happen and I know that NBC wants to do it, but they’re just trying to find a way and a time.”

“When I read [the report], I thought somebody — either from the studio or the agency — went, ‘Oh this is current,’” the 47year old actress added. “It’s not current. I’d like it to be. I keep trying.”

Lawless, who has been busy with movies and TV show appearances since Xena additionally said that she would be interested in reprising the role, however, she said she would want it on a smaller capacity, saying, “I would love to do a reboot getting Xena, Gabrielle [Renee O’Connor], Autolycus [Bruce Campbell] and Jox [Ted Raimi] back together, get that crew back together to solve some ridiculous problem. I’d love to do a TV movie or a movie, a limited thing.”

Fans were expectant after Lawless also got together with her friend and co-star Renee O'Connor. O'Connor, who is now 44 years of age, starred as Gabrielle alongside Lawless in Xena: Warrior Princess. Lawless and O'Connor held a mini reunion as they smiled for a picture together. Lawless posted the picture on her Instagram account with the caption, “Still hanging with my gal #Reneeoconnor @reallucylawless #xena #gabrielle.”

This left fans on twitter in a frenzy. Many wanted to know if they were planning a reboot together. However, Lawless had some less that exciting news for them, she posted a tweet the same day she talked about the possible reboot. She wrote: “Sorry, friends! news of a #Xena reboot is just a rumor. I’d love it to happen one day but it’s still in the wishful thinking stage.”

Lawless currently lives in New Zealand with her husband and three children.