WWE TLC 2017 Result: Asuka Beats Emma In Debut

WWE TLC 2017 is all over the headlines. And it's about Asuka who remained victorious in her debut and defeated Emma in a back-and-forth match at WWE TLC 2017.

The match was right similar to the evenly matched but owns more lackluster; between Shinsuke Nakamura and Dolph Ziggler which is Nakamura's debut at WWE Backlash. It looks like Nakamura is still recovering the event.

WWE TLC 2017 Result: Asuka Beats Emma In Debut

Japanese professional wrestler, Kanako Urai famous by ring name Auska full of bright colors and accessories could be the next megastar for the promotion. Besides her custom and accessories, her mask made a hot headline and is liked by all.

Asuka screams "merchandise monster" in everything and can become the Female Ultimate Warrior for the new generation.

No doubt, the result of Asuka VS Emma should never be a topic to discuss. The WWE heavily promoted Asuka was on for her debut while Emma became a comedic figure after appearing as a babyface in NXT.

Emma would not be the first ever NXT star to fail on the main roster, but if Asuka is lesser dominant than the debut, then she won't be the last.

Both wrestlers have a schemed system and have their own flaws when it comes to transitioning an NXT prospect into the WWE Superstar.

Bayley and Sasha Banks entered the special events and ended up being the first victim for Asuka. Asuka's performance will undoubtedly create a ceiling, and her saving grace will continue her historic winning streak.