WWE diva Kelly Kelly in the cast of WAGS, along with her husband-to-be Sheldon Souray

American model, professional wrestler and professional wrestling valet, Kelly Kelly is all excited about her new reality TV show WAGS, which premiered last month E! Network. The show is all about “wives and girlfriends” of popular athletes where both Kelly and her fiancé and NHL player Sheldon Souray will be seen.

 Kelly, aged 28, whose real name is Barbie Blank is a former WWE Divas Champion engaged to ice hockey player Souray. She is not only promoting her new reality show but also intently planning her wedding to her beau which will be held in January 2016 in Cabo.

The wresting diva, who made her debut in WWE at the age of 19, has come a long way and she is now at the height of her career. Kelly, in a recent interview with FashionStyle.com, promoted her upcoming show WAGS. She also talked about the show and her and her beau’s part in it.

When asked about the difference between professional wrestling and reality TV show, the queen of WWE said that both wrestling and reality show are similar to each other.

“They are both very similar, WWE is just like a soap opera but with wrestling, while Reality TV is just like that but the characters are real and the drama is real!” she said.

And while talking about her transition from a professional wrestler to a reality star, the former wrestling valet said: “The transition was very easy for me because I’m used to the cameras being around and I was very comfortable so I was able to be myself.”

Talking about the greatest challenge she faced during the filming of the show, Kelly jokingly said: “I would have to say the biggest challenge was to not let myself get into my old wrestling character (laughing), because when I would get into arguments with the other girls I would automatically turn into a WWE DIVA. So I had to remind myself how would Barbie react? Not Kelly Kelly — we are not in a wrestling ring! Even though sometimes I wish I could be with some of the girls!”

Besides her part in the show, FashionStyle.com also asked the WWE Diva about her personal life with her then boyfriend now fiancé Souray. As he is one of the part of the show and the show is all about althletes and their wives and girlfriends, Souryay has quite an important role to play, doesn’t he?

“I met him through a mutual girlfriend I was living in Tampa at the time. He had a hockey game that next day, so my girlfriend invited me to go to dinner with a bunch of people and he was there and immediately I felt sparks!” Kelly revealed.

The couple started dating a few years back and they got engaged in 2014.

The sexy lady said that her to-be-husband was quite supportive when she decided to be in the show.

 “He has been nothing but supportive of me and my career. I honestly couldn’t have done it without his support, and when this opportunity presented itself he told me to go for it and have fun!”

The professional wrestler also revealed what sort of drama her fans could expect in WAGS.

She told: “They can expect to see a lot of drama! Friendships go up and down and relationships go up and down. It’s a great look at what women in the WAG world go through on a daily basis, how we deal with our men being on the road, having our own identities and careers and lots more!”

Kelly has more than a million followers on Twitter and she has been actively promoting WAGS on both Twitter and Instagram.