Worst Tech-Gadget ever made

April 19, 2017
First Published On: April 19, 2016

Gadgets, every one of you has one. Some might get interested with Laptops, and some with mobile phones. The tech manufacturing companies also focus on building top-notch gadgets to fulfil your preferences. But, some businesses would go far enough to create a new concept that leads them to failure.

The news trending at present would be the top gadgets of all time. But have you heard of top worst devices ever invented? Yes, some worst gadgets of all time will blow your mind.

Typo Keyboard – Typo Innovation [Priced at $160]

Typo Keyboard is not the very best one ever seen. The company launched the case with the keyboard attached to your iPhone, and iPad. The case is beautifully designed and yet is one nonsense innovation. When you get the on-screen keyboard on your device, why bother in using the case?

Typo Keyboard for iPad

The company recently launched the keyboard for iPad. Yes, it is ultra-thin and inevitably minimises the gap between your Laptop and iPad. But, do you want that to happen? When the keyboard is attached, then there will be no difference in your preference about iPad or Laptop.

Navigate Jacket – Wearable Experiments [Price Unknown]

Will you wear a GPS-enabled jacket just in case you don’t know the streets? Or you use the navigation feature on your phone? Surely people go for phones.

Navigate Jacket at showcase

The Navigate Jacket is yet another worst gadget ever made. The company ‘Wearable Experiments’ launched this jacket with the GPS system inbuilt that helps you to know more about the streets and area you are visiting.

Segway PT – Segway Inc. [Priced at $8500]

Do you want to buy Electric Bike? What’s its top speed? If the answer is 5-7 mph, will you buy that? Segway Inc. launched the Segway two-wheeler which is more a less like one wheeler.

Segway two wheeler

The Segway PT, started specifically for city rides do have limitations. The weight capacity is not more than 250 pounds and is not recommended to an unhealthy person. The speed you say is 7-10 mph and price is around $8500.

Nokia N-Gage – Nokia [Priced at $300]

Nokia’s biggest failure, N-Gage was made focusing an increasing number of gamers around the world. The phone was designed for a gaming device, which runs on Symbian OS with the capacity of playing games like in PSP.

nokia ngage copy of psp

Nokia failed to compete with Nintendo Company regarding sales and usages. Of course, it was the new idea of cell phone customised for gaming, but the way it launched was nonsense.

Mp3 Sunglasses – Oakley Thump [Priced at $250]

Oakley Thump invented a sunglass with inbuilt mp3 player in 2004. Yes, it was before the Google Glass revealed. The sunglass was of the awkward design and poor built quality.

The sunglass discontinued as the sales were not too efficient not because of the feature but because of its design. The mp3 player was able to read 2av, mp3, aac and m4a audio tracks.

Sunglass with built in mp3 player

Samsung Q1 [Priced at $1100]

Samsung Q1; never heard of it! Samsung’s very first UMPC through Microsoft Origami is yet another worst tech ever invented. This device categorised in Tablet PC, had no touch feature.

The device built with 512 MB RAM and 40 GB hard disk was not much. With 3-cell and 6-cell battery variant, this tablet was able to deliver roughly 3 to 4 hours of battery backup. Samsung discontinued the model because of its criticism.

Samsung Q1 tablet

Sony Tablet P [Priced at $299]

Tablet P launched in 2012 with its unique design and the dual display was not able to attract people. The tablet was priced $299 not for its performance, but for its design.

The tablet was elegant enough to lure you towards it, but the specification would give you a pinch. The Sony P featured Android 3.2 with 1 GB of RAM and 5.5 inches display. The name tablet was not suitable for the device.

Sony fold able tablet P

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