Wolf Blitzer; veteran political news anchor of CNN. Find out his Net Worth, Salary, and Career

Wolf Issac Blitzer is a much-heard name as he has a successful career in journalism and is renowned as a TV personality. He has been working as a reporter for CNN since 1990’s.

Having a successful career in the news industry who has been working in the field since early 1970’s, Germany-born Wolf earns quite a good amount to be recognized as a well-off journalist.


Wolf Blitzer’s Net Worth and Salary

Blitzer, 68, has a total net worth of around $16 million. According to Celebrity Net Worth, he earns an annual salary of $5 million.

As of 2010, Reuters provided with the list of celebrities earnings where Wolf Blitzer was mentioned to have a salary of $3 million per year. Wolf’s net worth is known to be quite similar to that of 45-year-old American Journalist Megan Kelly.


Blitzer’s Career and Personal Life

Blitzer, whose parents were Jewish refugees from Poland, was born in Germany but raised in New York. In the USA, he got the opportunity to pursue Bachelors or Arts in History from the University of Buffalo.

Further, he completed his Masters of International Relations from the renowned John Hopkins University and he started his career as a correspondent for an Israeli Newspaper.

He then moved on to work at CNN in 1990 and has been a family to the news channel since then. He has entered into anchoring since 20005 where he hosted The Situation Room. Since 2013, he started hosting for CNN Newsroom which was later changed to Wolf.


Winner of multiple media awards, Wolf has had a rather simple personal life. He is married to Lynn Greenfield in 1973. Lynn works as a personal shopper at Sacks Fifth Avenue Store in Maryland. and they have a daughter  named Ilana Blitzer Gendelman who at present, is 35 years old.

She was married to Joseph Orrin Gendelman on November 2008 at Mandarin Oriental in Maryland. Ilana works as a beauty editor of Family Circle in New York.