Willa Holland's character Thea faces danger on Arrow's latest episode.

May 9, 2016
First Published On: May 9, 2016
by HitBerry

Willa Holland's character Thea faces danger on Arrow's latest episode.

The fourth season of the DC superhero series Arrow is coming to a finale and it seems Willa Holland’s character Thea is facing danger. In the latest episode of the series, we see Oliver's sister Thea being taken by H.I.V.E to a secret underground facility.

Thea, who has become one of the pivotal characters in the shows story has become the fan favorite for many people and not to be mention, she is a badass. She, being captured is one of the most interesting parts of the episode. Thea's storyline is left in a very exciting place at the end of Episode 20, and if the remaining episodes of Arrow can consistently reach and maintain that quality, we might be in for an impressive finale.

The fan of the beloved Arrow is in the treat with their next series coming to an end. There are only a few episodes left to be released but we are pretty sure that the Green Arrow will take on Damien Darhk. The Arrow has realized that he has to resort to magic to beat Darhk at his own game. Another exciting plot is about Diggle brother’s rivalry. We are excited how the coming episodes will unfold.

We do feel dissatisfied that the key to defeating such an intimidating foe is to think of happy moment. Truth be told, it’s actually ridiculous. Not to mention, Oliver is able to do that in minutes.

We cannot deny that we feel that the series is going downwards from Season 3 but many audiences seem to think otherwise. It will be exciting to see how the finale will turn out. We wonder if Flash will arrive to help him aid in his final battle with Queen did against Reverse Flash. Right now, that seems unlikely as we are unsure what has happened to him after Cisco used his Expecto Petronum and Wells supposedly killing Barry at the end of the episode Rupture.

The next episode of Arrow will air on 11th May and is named  Monument Point.