Will Minnie Driver, who has an extensive dating history with over 15 boyfriends till date, ever get married??

August 31, 2015
First published on:August 31, 2015
by HitBerry

At Forty-five with a child, it’s a tremulous task to maintain one’s body for a woman. But Minnie Driver is still showing off her beautiful body even after age has caught up with her. She was recently seen at her half- brothers wedding with her boyfriend Neville Wakefield. At the wedding Driver showed how effortlessly stylish and radiant she can be and how she has still got one of the best fashion senses in the industry.

Driver, an Academy award nominee, is famous for her umpteen relationships. She has been known to have dated at least of fifteen different men. However, none of her affairs have ended in marriage. She has almost been there many a times, most prominently with Academy award winner Josh Brolin, to whom she was engaged in 2001 and set to tie the knot. But instead, they ended the affair on an unhealthy note. Driver said the relationship reached an ill-fated end due to Josh’s mother’s involvement.

Matt Damon was the first celebrity with whom driver had a steady serious relationship. The couple met on the sets of the Oscar winning Movie Good Will Hunting where they were co-stars. Minnie is rumored to have dumped Mark for Josh. Sources claim that this incident had left Matt distraught.

Other than Josh and Matt, she was also rumored to have been engaged to the celebrity magician Chris Angels. The couple was rumored to have tied the knot, but Angels reportedly left Driver for Charlie’s Angles Star Cameroon Diaz without calling it off with Minnie. Minnie had to find out about the alleged dump over television. She was in a state of shock when she heard the news since Chris had apparently proposed her just a week earlier.

Apart from the aforementioned men Minnie has been linked with Mick Jagger, Elliott Smith, Chris Isaak, David Schwimmer, John Cusack, David Duchvny… and a few more men. Just before dating her present hubby she was seeing Ryan Kavanaugh.

Even after being involved with so many men she has only one child Henry Story Driver, whose father she had chosen to keep private for a long time. However, she recently revealed the father of her child to be Timothy J.Lea, with whom Driver had a brief relationship in 2009.

Driver, who has by now earned veteran status in relationships, says even after being involved with so many men she is still skeptical when it comes to serious commitment. She says this is mainly because of her involvement in so many relations.

Minnie has hinted she still wants to bag an Oscar, having been nominated for it early in her career and missing out on it even after being  the favorite choice for it. She has just concluded filming for her forthcoming movie A Conspiracy on Jekyll Island. She is currently working on the second season of About a Boy, where she plays a single mother to a young teenager.

Minnie is socially very active on twitter she can be followed under the username @driverminie. Her net worth is estimated to be around $20 Million .




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