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Will Estes, No Girlfriend For Ever: Is He Gay? Know His Net Worth

February 16, 2017
First published on:February 16, 2017
by John

Just because a man is not dating anyone, it doesn't mean he is gay. He might be looking for someone better or he might not have found at the moment. Will Estes, an American actor who is widely known for his determined role in the series "Blue Diamond".

So, today here we will be discussing his affairs with you. Also, we will let you know his net worth and career too…

Will Estes Past Affairs. Is he Gay?

We think Will Estes is not gay. How can someone just say him gay only if he has remained single for most of the time? For your kind information, Will Estes once dated an American songwriter, director, television producer, singer, and actress Jennifer Love Hewitt. The couple dated in January 2004 but later only after dating around 4 months, the couple got separated in April 2004.

Will Estes and Jennifer Love Hewitt

Will Estes and Jennifer Love Hewitt

Source: zimbio

Will was also paired with American actress Jodie Sweetin in Full House but he had no intention of dating the on-screen lover. Till the date, Will Estes has always been termed as SINGLE. Will have also been quite secretive regarding his personal life thus he might be dating someone secretly. Who knows??

Will Estes

Will Estes

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As the handsome and dashing actor Will Estes has never ever mentioned anything about his wife, lover or girlfriend, people started claiming his as gay. But, we think this is not true. Since he has dated Jennifer in the past, it is proved that his sexuality might be straight.

Will Estes's Net Worth

 Will Estes has now been quite busy and have already appeared in numerous movies. He is equally busy in television series as well as in movies. It was 1984 when he started his television career through Santa Barbara. He later appeared in his debut movie "Dutch" in the year 1991.

Speaking up about Will's net worth, he has actually not revealed his net worth. Also, while surfing about his net worth, some sites claimed that his net worth is $7 million while some claimed its $12 million.

The networthtomb site claimed that Will Estes’s net worth is $8 million whereas muzul claimed $12 million. There is no doubt that his net worth is extremely high. His salary is estimated to be around $941,176 whereas he earns around $209,150 through brand endorsement.

Going through his salary from the movies and television series, he was paid around $780,000 for Santa Barbara. He was paid around $540,000 for Highway to Heaven, $400,000 for Murphy's Law, $290,000 for Miracle Landing and $176,000 for Baywatch.

Will Estes

Will Estes

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Source: instagram

Source: instagram

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