Will boxer Pernell Whitaker, age 52, ever get married again??

HitBerryPublished on   12 Feb, 2016Updated on   13 May, 2021

Are you wondering if our hot boxing champion and one-time millionaire Pernell Whitaker is interested in marriage again? If so, we have news for you!!

Pernell Whitaker and Rovanda Anthony

Boxer Pernell Whitaker and his former wife Rovanda Anthony got married on December 21, 1985, in the boxing ring at the Virginia Beach Pavilion Convention Center. People say that Rovanda was in the audiences of one of his match and that is how they met. But, their marriage could not last long. They got divorced a few years back.

Pernell Whitaker Pernell Whitaker     Source: TMZ.com

The American boxer, even at the age of 52, is hot and happening. There are a number of girls who want to be with Pernell. So, representing all the girls out there, we would like to ask Pernell ‘Are you interested in marriage again?’

Is Pernell Whitaker dating?

Ever since the couple broke up, there has been no news of Pernell dating other girls. At least, we do not know of any serious relationship going on. Is he still in love with his former wife Rovanda? Or is he still waiting for the right girl with whom he could share his life with?

Our sources reveal that he is interested in dating, but is very cautious when it comes to marriage now. Perhaps he is saving himself from the pain of separation. He is active in social media and most of his followers are female. Perhaps we will soon hear of him finding his better half through a social networking site?

pernell whitaker pernell Whitaker   Source: The Fight City

Pernell Whitaker is a popular and professional American boxer. He has retired now and is working as a boxing trainer. He has won a silver medal in the Amateur World Championship held in 1982 and has also won a gold medal in Pan American Games held in the year of 1983.

Whitaker has ma a record of winning 40 out of 46 fights in his professional career. He was also featured as the ‘Fighter of the year’ in 1989 by The Ring magazine. Whitaker is the winner of many championships throughout his career, especially those related to lightweight and welterweight. He is regarded as one of the greatest lightweight champions to have ever existed.

Pernell Whitaker Cajn Deportivo Pernell Whitaker Cincodayscom Pernell Whitaker   Source: Alchetron

Pernell Whitaker has an average height of 5ft 6 in. His average height was never a problem in his professional boxing career, even though the opponents are taller than him most of the time. He is just so damn awesome!! Whitaker is the father to four children through his former wife. However, he also had a daughter from a girlfriend he dated before marrying Rovanda.

Though he was a playboy before marriage, after being divorced with Rovanda, he has not been explicitly dating anyone that we know of. However, now that he has stated that he is interested in marriage, perhaps things will soon change?  The boxer has the estimated net worth of $5 million dollars.