Why are Self-Driving Cars not Safe?

HitBerryPublished on   04 Jul, 2016Updated on   19 May, 2021

Self-Driving cars are an autonomous vehicle that is capable of taking you to the destination without any physical interference. They are the dream come true to those who are eager to drive notwithstanding the driving ability. The self-driving car would navigate around the streets, city to keep you from heavy traffic.

The recent incident of Tesla Model S then changed the philosophy of people. Joshua Brown, former promoter of Tesla Motors was killed due to the fault in a self-driving car. The car was tested in every technical phase, yet it got crashed due to the camera failure of the car. That is not the very first crash we have seen; a month ago, Aeromobil 3.0 (flying car) also got crashed.

Self-Driving cars can sense surroundings through radar, camera, GPS and sensor. But is it appropriate to lean of such artificial intelligence? Yes, they get enough information about the traffic and right navigation; but are they enough to keep you safe?

Self Driving Car

Why are Self-Driving Cars not safe?

Self-Driving or Autonomous Cars are not entirely safe; but also they are non-risky and time saver. If you need to move to an office within some minutes, surely you are not a superman; but it could navigate you to the roads with little traffic. So why are they not safe then?

The drivers must be educated enough about how the system works, what are the limitation of self-driving and how you can override the system mechanically. The computer system could handle the rest, but also the driver should be able to handle more.

Another problem with this new tech is people who option out themselves. Self-driving cars work efficiently if the cars on the road are similar to that. If this type of car is not accepted, accidents are likely to occur.

As self-driving cars are computer operated and have ample storage for storing information about the streets; some people might enjoy collecting personal data. Taking the opportunity of the system, they concern more on personal information. This could lead personal data to wrong hand.

The systems like radar, GPS system, sensors works independently, but it requires sustainable power as well as the continuous internet connection. While driving, if any of these sources go wrong; there must be an indicator of the warning or something. Or you might get injured for depending upon the car.

Self-driving car camera

The self-driving cars follow traffic signals to know the route. But how might it interpret when traffic signals fail? Are these cars equipped with the technology to interpret individual signals?

The self-driving concept was launched integrating with the Google map system at first, and then the idea of camera and radar came. The car can find you roads from Google streets but can it notify with the condition of the road? Surely can, but only when the information is already kept on the database.

Suppose the self-driving car of yours gets to an accident. Who will be responsible? You? Car manufacturer? System developer? Or the management who proposed this system?

So are you ready to buy a self-driving car? Yes, please do as they are latest tech in a vehicle but make sure of these terms.

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