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Why Play Pokemon GO?

April 19, 2017
First published on:April 19, 2016
by John

The way of playing a game by sitting on a sofa is history; now it is the time of playing a game outside the world. Pokémon Go, developed by Niantic is the GPS enabled Augmented Reality game supporting Android and IOS systems. Released in July 2016, this game is on a rampage now as this game allow you to find, catch, train and battle with Pokémon.

Pokémon Go is yet to be available in all regions. For now, this game is accessible to limited countries like Canada, USA, UK, New Zealand and Australia. To download the game, visit apple or android store and download if you reside in this location. The rest of us still need to wait further until the release.

Pokemon Go Screenshot

Downloaded Pokémon Go? Here’s what to do next!

  • Switch On your GPS location
  • Open the Game
  • Create your own Avatar based on your preference
  • Find Pokémon

How does Pokémon Go work?

Pokémon Go works with the help of Google Maps, Location and Camera. Google Maps helps you with the walking roads, PokéStops and PokéGyms. The Location and Google Maps are the same. This helps to pinpoint your current location; that’s all!

The camera of your phone plays the crucial part. The camera allows you to see the Pokémon in the real world, forming the simple Augmented Reality. How would it be to play this game through VR? It is still to find out!

Features of the Game


PokeStops are the places where you can find new Poke Balls, Candies and also Golds. These areas mostly include memorials, temples, and parks around your locality.


PokéGyms are the places where you battle with the competitor to gain a Pokémon. Here, the condition applied is Pink Slip. If you win, you will get another Pokémon, and if you lose, your Pokémon is gone!

Evolve of Pokémon

Every time you catch a wild Pokémon, you will be awarded candies or stardust. Stardust helps to increase combat power whereas candies contribute to evolving Pokémon!


You will be able to fight virtually with other users only when you reach level five. When you reach that point, you could go to the gym (monuments or tall buildings) and battle with the user.

Why Play Pokémon GO?


Pokémon Go helps you in your daily exercise; sounds quite awesome! Pokémon GO is not a sofa-sit game. You need to move around, run or walk. As it is based on GPS navigation and Location, you need to move from one place to another.

For those who do not have enough time to play this game, they could simply play this game while exercising. The Pokémon are found in specific locations like parks, and roadways, so people continue to walk. So do you need to continue to boring exercise every day? Certainly not!

Social Connection

This game increases your social connection? Surely does! The people get connected with other players while playing the games. Through this game, you could find new Pokémon along with new people. Now join forces with new people around you!


Discover new places, new shortcuts, and new area with this game! Go to a new area to find more Pokémon, go even deeper to find wild and legendary Pokémon. Drive or ride your vehicle and explore more of the world!


Keeps your Mind Active

This game could be a cure for people suffering from depression and stress. The game is exciting enough to throw you out of such psychological tension.

Safety Measures

The game is surely good to keep you fresh and active, but the way of game-playing must be focused; Not only in the game, but also the surroundings! The recent news of stumbled to a dead body in the USA, and people entering wrong places got severe.

This game is playable in the area where not much of traffic or in a populated area; who might know what might pop-up next!

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