ITIL Certification: A weapon in the arsenal of your IT Company

December 19, 2018
First Published On: December 19, 2018

We are all aware of the growing foothold of Information Technology in every business. With the rapid encroachment of digitalization, IT has become an integral part of all business houses. In order to hold a position in the market, each business needs to adapt to the latest practices. One of them is the IT department. So much so that it has now become the very backbone of any business.

Given the above scenario, the smooth functioning of the IT services in any business is the very base. Thus, it is imperative to have well-designed policies, procedures, and processes which ensure effective management of IT services.

What is ITIL?

ITIL stands for "Information Technology Infrastructure Library." Now let us define what it actually means. ITIL is a globally accepted approach. It is fundamentally intended to provide support to business needs. It is the practice that is adapted for IT Service Management. Thus, ITIL deals with effective practices and frameworks that are required for defining, creating, delivering, managing and controlling the IT services provided to the audience.

Now we know what exactly ITIL stands for and what does it mean. Let us dive into its benefits-

The ITIL Certification is the most sought after nowadays. Given the changing nature of IT, ITIL is one of the few to be an established entity within IT Service Management. The standard practices and frameworks are need of the hour for IT Professionals who are involved in IT management and IT services.

Here are the Benefits of ITIL Certification.

Global Recognition

One of the significant benefits of ITIL Certification is that it has International recognition. Companies all over the world deem it as a prerequisite for service management experts. Various coaching institutes provide the certification. Simplilearn is one of the renowned and topmost institutes giving coaching of ITIL Certification which will help an individual throughout his career.

Future Preparation

It is widely believed that ITIL has gained deep roots into the enterprise IT. For the coming years, the demand for ITIL Certification is only going to grow more. Since ITIL has also got to do with service management, it is being used not only in the IT sector but in areas like education and healthcare also. 

Enhanced Service Deliveries

An organization is in a better position to deliver efficient services with ITIL Certified professionals onboard. ITIL Certification Course provides a vigorous foundation which assists in carrying out ITSM initiatives with ease. Core concepts of ITIL combined with your in-depth knowledge and expertise can do wonders to the entity’s business growth and add value at the same time.

Good Pay Scale

ITIL is one of the promising pay scale certifications. Apart from enhancing the curriculum vitae it also helps you to add more value to your organization. It also increases your chances of getting better pay offers than the non-certified peers in the same field. It is common for ITIL managers to earn lucrative salaries.

Teaches Smart Approach

ITIL certifications and workshops instill and enhance smart working ways in the professionals. There may be multiple ways to do a specific job. But, ITIL teaches you the smartest possible way to carry it out and help the organization by cost-cutting, providing efficient services and so on.

Improves Confidence & Capabilities

The services of any organization depend majorly on the personnel’s involved in it. Thus, every organization needs to have confident and capable Service Management Experts to hold the position in the market. ITIL Certification courses are designed in such a way to prepare confident service managers with enhanced capabilities to take the organization to new success heights.

Helps to Introduce Proactive Culture

Employees who undergo ITIL Certification feel confident to innovate new ways and strategies to improve customer satisfaction. It helps them concentrate more on the expectations of the customer and their needs. With the help of expertise learned in the ITIL Certification, one can improve the overall service delivery quality by creating a new proactive culture.

Robust Process

By undergoing the ITIL Certification, you are bound to extend your expertise of devising robust processes that any organization, big/small can absorb with ease.  Most of the successful Organizations are known to implement the outlined principles which have enabled them to create processes for effective service deliveries. And that is how they are exceptionally successful today!

Now that we have seen the benefits of ITIL Certification to the employees in the form of salary hike, confidence, and a better future in the industry, let us also look at how it can benefit the Organization as a whole

  • Improved ROI of IT
  • Improvement in the IT Services
  • Professional approach to service delivery and increased customer satisfaction
  • Helps in reducing the training cost to be expended by the organization, as more and more staff are ITIL Certified
  • Increased staff retention
  • Clear view of IT cost and assets to the IT department
  • Enhanced ability to manage risks associated with the business  and service failure
  • Improvement in resource utilization and elimination of redundant work
  • ITIL helps in improving the third part service deliveries through its specifications

It is clear that ITIL Certification benefits the employee and Organization both in multiple ways. It has become more popular given the number of add-ons it provides. It is surely one of the most exceptional ways to deliver competent IT staff. If you are a professional considering to take up the ITIL Certification, then go ahead. It will be one of the best decisions of your professional life.

For those who take up the certification, remember not only to learn but also put into practical use the knowledge gained. Only then you will be able to reap the benefits for yourself and more importantly the organization.

Remember, ITIL is just the beginning; there is a lot more to achieve in order to become a thorough professional in your field.