Why is WordPress being so Popular Than Any Other Platform to Develop Website?

September 18, 2018
First published on:April 16, 2016
by HitBerry

WordPress is an open-source Content Management System (CMS) based on the well-organized system, PHP, and My SQL, which is licensed under the GPLv2 (or later).

WordPress is a new platform, its roots and development began on 2001 and officially released on May 27, 2003. Presently it is the most popular webpage management or blogging system which is very easy to handle even a non-IT person can use WordPress.

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How popular is WordPress?

Nearly 28% of world’s website uses WordPress currently, it is one of the most famous blogging system or CMS with supporting around 77 million websites i.e. about 60% of the total, and it powers more than 25% of webpage worldwide. By November 2016 it has over 47,000 plugins with more than 1.3 billion downloads.

WordPress doesn’t come with few languages, with the growing WordPress Global Translation Day and WordPress community comes with around 56 languages. Not only that, it is loved by many people, shows the total comments on Wordpress.com by above 660 million posts and over 655 million comments in 2015 i.e. more than 1.8 million per day.

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Why is WordPress being popular than other platforms?

WordPress is an open source (Free)

One of the biggest convenience coming with WordPress is that it is free of cost, so we don’t need to pay for the license or to buy any features, doesn’t matter if it is basic or advanced. Not only during installation, but it is costs less during modification or update as well. We can get thousands of free plugins and premium themes running on WordPress.

Easy Installation (Setup)

Installation and setting WordPress blog is more than easy. Interestingly web hosts like BlueHost and HostGator provide one-click installation facility with auto installers like Softaculous and SimpleScripts. Using these installation takes about 1 minute.

Even if you wish to install WordPress manually on your web hosting you can get thousands of detailed tutorials effortlessly on the web.

SEO friendly

WordPress is developed with the architect which take cares of basic SEO very well, A per Matt Cuts, websites developed under WordPress solved 80% of SEO matters dynamically. It has some features and designs which are useful to rank it higher on Google. By using WordPress SEO plugins it can turn to more SEO friendly.

Development and management using WordPress is easy

One of the main reason behind the fast growing of WordPress is, it’s easy to use, there are inbuilt facilities for blog publishing, comments, user management, revision, RSS feeds, and much more.

An IT (Information Technology) graduate student is not required to handle WordPress, since no any coding is needed to create and publish blogs and pages as well as to design custom configuration.

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Whether you run WordPress site on laptops, Pads or on mobiles it fits perfectly. In other platforms to deal with this task developer need to have knowledge of coding and design and also takes a long time, on the other hand, WordPress is device friendly, it auto supports the different devices and provides a wonderful view.

It is focused on mobile-optimized or mobile responsive website and we can a variety of mobile-friendly WordPress themes for free.

Community support:

If you face some issues or problems related to your WordPress sites, you can easily find out millions of support through the people, who are using this. WordPress support forum contains useful contributors, which can answer any related queries you might have promptly.


Since it’s such a popular CMS, it must be targeted by a number of hackers, however, WordPress takes security very seriously. While you can get an idea of some basic security measures, like stop downloading themes or plugins from an untrusted site, WordPress regularly updates its system to prevent attacks.

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