Why have Fox News's and his partner, Kyra Phillips John Roberts never been married?

HitBerryPublished on   05 Apr, 2016Updated on   05 Apr, 2016

CNN reporter John Roberts transferred to Fox News few years ago. Robert and his fiancée Kyra Philips had been engaged since 2010. It has been around 5 years since their engagement and still there is no news of them getting married.

There’s no plan for a wedding, I call her my wife, she refers to me as her husband....at our age, fiancee just doesn’t sound right. And when you call somebody your sweetheart, eventually that gets old as well. Do I expect that at some point we’ll get married? Yes, it’s just that we’ve both been so busy working and preparing for our babies that we haven’t found time”, said John in 2011.

They have a twin and they are happy living together. They share the life of a small happy family and it does not need them to be married. For them, marriage is just an obligation that they can live without. It’s the feeling that matters.

Even though they are living together, they work for different news channels. John works for Fox News whereas Kyra is an anchor for CNN. Working in two different rival agency keeps things interesting in their relationship with healthy competition and motivation to excel.

The fact that we may be television competitors is an interesting dynamic, but we don’t get angry at each other. It’s kind of like when you work for the CIA, you don’t tell your spouse everything, She lives where she lives, I live where I live, and if there is something proprietary about what either one of us is doing, we have to respect that. We don’t say anything.”

Since their relation is made more fun by competition, it also strives them to do better. Although CNN is hailed as the no.1 news agency, Fox news has its own way of doing stuff. John stated how despite not having as many resources and human resource as CNN, Fox has people who are loving every bit of their job. He had also stated how Fox news can be described as an underdog.

Professional life aside, both these couples are very supportive of each other. John is hesitant to travel too far. Work is important for John, but so is his wife and children. Especially during the time Kyra was about to give birth, John was especially supportive of him. It was stated that Robert relocated to Atlanta just so that he could be with Kyra during her pregnancy.  

Prior marrying Kyra John had divorced his previous wife. He also had children with his first wife.

John’s annual salary is still not disclosed but we assume it is an attractive six-figure salary. Accordingly, his net worth is estimated to be around $1-2 million.