Why have CNBC Reporter Courtney Reagan, who got engaged on-air, still not gotten married??

HitBerryPublished on   17 Sep, 2015Updated on   20 May, 2021

It seems only yesterday when CNBC reporter Courtney Reagan’s boyfriend Jared Baker proposed to her on-air. The lovely lady was doing a routine segment about engagement rings when her lover entered the studio dressed up in dark suit. Baker took her by surprise as he pronounced his love for her. The stunned reporter just stood there getting all emotional as her beau got down on his knees, took out a beautiful ring and then proposed her for marriage while entire country was watching them on a live show.

And now, after nine years of relationship, the couple is still quite happy with each other. But despite him proposing to her and her accepting his proposal for marriage two years ago, the pair hasn’t married yet. Why?? The answer is only with Reagan and Baker. But as they have not spoken a word about it, it is pretty hard to find out a true cause. Well… not for us!!

Baker popped the question on air and asked for Reagan’s hand for marriage back in 2013. Her then boyfriend and now fiancé showered the beautiful journalist with heart touching words.

"I love you so much. I have since the day I met you," he said.

He confessed: “I love your smile. I love your laugh. I even love the way you dance.”

Then the man of her life asked the ultimate question: “Will you marry me?”

And we all know that she said yes. But if they were both ready to ring wedding bells, why haven’t they married yet?

All her fans, friends and family had thought that the couple would marry and give them the good news anytime soon. After their engagement, the fans and lovers of the couple congratulated them and wished them a very happy life on their Twitter handle. They all were eagerly waiting for their big day. They still are. But now it seems the love birds do not have any intention of doing so.

So was the on-air engagement just a show off? If it was, then why did Jared set up everything just to ask her to marry him? We have the answer.

A source informed that the couple was planning to get married the same year, but had to postpone their wedding because of their busy schedule.

Reagan and her hedge fund analyst fiancé are both quite busy in their work. The couple has started seeing a lot of progress in their career and they want to expand it even more before getting hitched.

“They are thinking mostly about their future. Both Courtney and Jared realize that marriage brings responsibilities and they are planning to wait for a couple of years before tying the knot,” revealed the source.

It also added that the pair wants to have kids as soon as they get married, so they are doing everything they can to secure the future of their kids to be born before tying the knot.

So, if they really postponed their wedding, then we wish the husband and wife-to-be the most wonderful career and married life!!