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Why Do People Commit Suicide? Know About The Factors That Force Human to Attain Suicide

April 18, 2017
First published on:April 18, 2017
by HitBerry

Suicide is the act of taking one’s own life intentionally. There are different factors which play a big role in influencing people to commit suicide.

Most of the suicidal thoughts come to people’s mind due to some complex reasons, a research in the UK resulted that mental illness like depression and massive use of alcohol and drugs are the major factor behind the suicide.

Most of the research has taken out that, 90% of people who commit suicide are suffering from the depression, without any medical treatment.

Some Facts Related to Suicide

In every 12.3 minutes, an American dies attempting suicide.

The rate of committing suicide by females are almost 3 times less than of males, whether the females have more suicidal thoughts.

90% of the people die by suicide had a diagnosable psychiatric disorder at the time of their death.

Suicide is the 2nd highest cause of death for ages under 44, and 5th leading cause for ages 45 to 54. (Source: afsp).

There are many factors which can drive a person to attain suicidal act; we have listed out some of the major factors below.

Source: afsp

Mental Conditions

Depression: Throughout the world, depression is the leading cause of suicide, those who are suffering from depression cannot fit themselves into happiness and it makes them difficult to feel pleasure.

90% of the people who commit suicide cause by untreated depression.

Anxiety: Having generalized anxiety can turn a person crazy, because of that the person makes himself unable to maintain a relationship, finish academic qualification scheduled life and much more which can drive them to kill themselves.

Bipolar disorder: Among the various types of bipolar disorder the major one is fluctuations in the mood which is a stage of depression that leads a person to think suicidal.

People with this disorder fluctuate their moods instantly, which make them difficult to handle their daily responsibilities.

Schizophrenia: It is an awful state of mental condition with various symptoms such as depression, cognitive impairment, and hallucinations.

This kind of illness generates difficulties in life, even the most of the medication for this illness shows serious side effects. 20% - 40% patients with this illness attempt suicide.

Heartbreaking Experience

Painful experiences can motivate a person to feel alone, guilty, weak. If a person has suffered through social abuse, sexual abuse, unwanted quarrel etc. Such things drive them to pass through the Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), which can lead a person to be free by suicide.

Substance Abuse or Drug Addiction

Those who are addicted to drug or alcohol more likely to feel depressed. People who use such things get short-term pain relief, however, in a long-term, it will tend them to feel depressed and guilty by altering in brain’s functionalities.


Almost all the human being face the bullying to some degree in their regular life, although some people might get highly affected by being bullied and it makes them extremely depressed, helpless, worthless, they also feel unable to change their situation.

People find death as the only option to get relief from the situation they are passing through which could lead to suicide.

Personality Disorders

Personality disorder makes people strenuous to deal with societal activities, but it can be closely related to mental illness as well. People with this disorder might have problems to deal with society, their job, and their regular life.

They also feel that their relationship with close people becoming bad and bad which make them afraid to lose their relation as well, to escape all these mental conditions they might find out suicide as the best option

Financial Problems and Unemployment

Financially weak people face several of problems in every step of their life which can generate mental illness and drive them crazy to handle the situation around them.

Also in the competitive market after a great hard work, some people remain unemployed and they have to face the poor financial condition. These people feel as if they are purposeless in life and slowly started to be depressed.

Genetic and Relationship Problems

A large suicidal risk has been found out with the people whose family history shows that suicide is common for them. Also, some of the mental illness are inherited, which further take up the risk of suicide and depression.

Sometimes people feel really uneasy with the people they are connected with, it is not always possible to bring their relation well also after a long try.

These people can’t share their problem and feelings with the people they are living, which can trigger their mind with depression, guilt, panic, anxiety, and much more such things lead people to passes with a lot of emotional pain.

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