Why did Tammy Baldwin and her partner, Lauren Azar get separated? Is she looking to get married anytime soon?

HitBerryPublished on   29 Mar, 2016Updated on   31 Jan, 2018

There are still speculations going on the reason behind the separation of United States Senator, Tammy Baldwin with her long-term partner Lauren Azar.


The openly lesbian politician, Tammy announced her separation from her longtime partner Lauren in 2010 after being together for 15 years. They had been dating each other since 1995. Tammy used to live with her partner, Lauren in their home at Madison.

The couple had registered themselves as domestic partners in Wisconsin in 2009. They were among the first same-sex couples to sign up for Wisconsin’s domestic partnership registry.

It quite shocked everybody when Tammy Baldwin ended her fifteen years of relationship with her longtime partner, Lauren Azar.

Tammy and Lauren were very open about their sexual orientation from the beginning. Looking through their relationship history, they had neither dated any boyfriend nor married a husband. The couple did not think of adopting children as other gay partners. They seemed to be quite happy living together. However, nothing lasts forever, not even love.

Though there were not married to each other, the announcement of their separation gave people a divorce like feeling. Soon after a year, they registered as domestic partners, their domestic partnership got dissolved. They did not even disclose the reason for their separation. Baldwin just issued a statement through her office saying she and Lauren Azar are terminating their domestic partnership.

One of Baldwin’s staff stated,

Neither Tammy nor Lauren will have any further public comment on this very private matter.”

Though they tried to maintain the secrecy of their split, many have speculated reasons that led to their ‘divorce’.

There has long been rumored the truth behind the appointment of Lauren to the Wisconsin Public Service Commission. It has been rumored that Lauren was appointed at PSC office because of her partner, Tammy. The power and status of Baldwin in the Congress might have been the reason of their split.

Moreover, the couple was not bound by a legal relationship. Even after being in a domestic partnership, their relationship was not going any further.  It has been said that Lauren wanted to get married to Tammy but Tammy was quite against the idea of marriage. This difference and other incompatibility issues might have led to their split.

It has been six years that they have separated but none of them is rumored to be dating any other person. It seems that we won’t be able to see Tammy or Lauren get married any sooner.

The junior United States Senator, Baldwin has served in the Wisconsin Assembly for three consecutive terms. She is the first openly gay U.S. senator to represent Wisconsin in history. She is regarded as one of the most liberal Congress members.

The net worth of Baldwin has not been disclosed.