Why did photigrapher Richard Prince never get married?

HitBerryPublished on   23 Mar, 2016Updated on   23 May, 2021

Photographer Richard Prince is not married yet. This news is absolutely considered as the fake news. May be people might not have heard about the marriage of Prince in TV news but Wikipedia says that Prince is already married and currently he is living with his second wife, artist Noel Grunwaldt and two children at New York. He might have already divorced with his first wife.

 We could not be sure either Prince is separated with his second wife or not as there is no news about the marital status of Prince in social networking sites. In 2012, he is heard to buy the neighboring five-bedroom brownstone at 55 East 78th Street for $13.75 million. So, up to 2012 Prince seemed to be in marital relation as he had bought the house of 5 bedrooms but recently there is not any information about Prince marital relation. Since 1981, Prince had been a part-time resident of Southampton Village.

Prince is obviously not a gay because he is a married man and had been married to two wives and does have children. The speculation is made on Prince being gay by the people but it is not true that Prince is a gay, they should understand how a married man with children could be gay.

Prince is heard to be hated by many photographers and the reason behind it is he is always seen to be copying others. In 2008, photographer Patrick Cariou filed suit against Prince, Gagosian Gallery, Lawrence Gagosian and Rizzoli International Publications in Federal District Court for Copyright infringement in work shown at Prince’s Canal Zone exhibit the Gagosian gallery. But it was said that Prince wrongfully appropriate 35 photographs made by Cariou. Several of the pieces were hardly changed by prince.

Prince’s career was also started through the re-photographed photos. Prince became famous after re-photographing Sam Abell’s iconic cowboy photos. Prince sold one of these photos for almost $1.3 million and another for $3.4 million, he became millionaire because of Abell’s work. But Abell did not receive even a single cent for his delightful work. But Abell expressed about the matter with admirable calmness. Prince has given several interviews regarding his stolen photographs.

Prince photography’s are mostly seemed to be stolen despite of it, his photos are loved by the people. Even many photographers do not like him but also his works are appreciated by public.

Richard also makes paintings like nurse paintings, joke paintings and check paintings. Prince’s series Cowboys, which was produced from 1980-1992, and ongoing is his most famous groups of re-photographs. Prince re-photographs lead to his series known as the gangs. The promotional photographs of actors which frequently lacked protection of copyright, signed them himself using the actor’s name and made a series “celebrities” that plays with the American obsession with movie stars.

Rather than a photographer, Price seems to be a re-photographer. His net worth is estimated at $30 million.