Why did Monica Raymund and her now ex-husband Neil Patrick Stewart get divorced?

When The Good Wife star Monica Raymund was married to Neil Patrick Stewart, everything appeared to be going great with the two. They were really supportive of each other and seemed happy together. When the two decided to get a divorce in 2014, it had her fans wondering what could have possibly caused such seemingly perfect relationship to fall out. Recently new things have come to light, explaining the possible cause of their divorce.

Monica Raymund openly identifies herself as bisexual. She has posted about this sexual preference of hers in her Twitter too. She is also a huge supporter of the LGBT community. It has been reported that her former husband had a problem with her sexual preference and was one of the main reason behind their divorce. The divorce ended their one year long marriage.  It is understood that their decision of parting ways was a mutual one.

There are also rumors that Stewart was having an extra-marital affair during the time, which added fuel to the fire which was already burning in their relationship. Also, it is assumed Stewart had no prior information about Raymund’s sexuality, as she was in the closet till 2014.  But even after their divorce, the two have remained good friends with one another and have supported each other during interviews.

It is suggested that Raymund could be currently dating Tari Segal, a director of photography, but it has not yet been confirmed.  Who Raymund is dating right now, and what the hot actress wants in her future boyfriend or girlfriend has remained a matter of speculation for now. Given her success and amazingly attractive persona, it would be no surprise if she dates some of the biggest Hollywood star next.

Raymund discovered her passion for acting while she was still in high school. She participated in the “Broadway Theater Project” during her high school years. Her first appearance in TV was in NBC’s legal drama Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. She has also appeared in TV shows like ‘Lie to Me’ and ‘Chicago Fire’. The performance she has given in Chicago Fire is very well appreciated by her contemporaries and peers. She has even won the Imagen award in 2012 for this role.  

The American actress has not yet made an appearance in full-length feature film, but she has played in several short movies, the notable ones of which are ‘Fighter’, and ‘Love? Pain’. Raymund is extremely talented and appears very pleasing to the eyes, so it won’t be long before she makes her appearance in a Hollywood movie.

Raymund is very active on Twitter. The news that she was bisexual was also announced through her Twitter. She is also active in Instagram.

The actress’s net worth is estimated to be around $4 million.