Why did Mayim Bialik and her husband, Michael Stone get divorced?

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Mayim Bialik and her husband, Michael Stone divorced after being married for ten years. Now, Mayim Bialik and Michael Stone have changed their marital relationship into the divorced one.


So, what went wrong in between the couple after around ten years of spending time together? Read the entire story right below: 

Mayim Bialik Divorced Michael Stone

The main reason behind Mayim Bialik and Michael Stone's divorce has been cited as more on a mutual note. The couple has time and again said there is no set of reasons to why the divorce happened.

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However, it has earlier been rumored that the reason could be the way Mayim’s way of parenting toward her children were highly unsatisfactory and illogical for Stone.

It has been suggested Mayim’s had taken a traditional approach to the growth of the children to which Stone, year by year grew against it.

[ CAPTION: Mayim Bialik ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

Mayim and Stone, before their children’s birth, did not seem to be having any problem with their marriage and rather had a very patient and happy relationship.

After the divorce, both of them issued a joint statement in which they stressed on their priorities which were to carefully see through the transition of their children from one home to two.

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They also have said they would like to make the change as smooth and painless as possible, so the young boys are not left with a traumatic childhood experience.

They have also said they now want to be parents who are committed to the well-being and right growth of their children.

[ CAPTION: Mayim Bialik ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

After the divorce, Stone remained quiet about the whole affair but Mayim, on the other hand, was in a way outspoken about it and she blogged about how the entire thing unfolded. It was not about the intimate details of the marriage but more over the process that had to be gone through.

Mayim has said although being divorced through the legal medium and by civilized laws, she still felt that the whole thing was not seen until the end. Therefore they ended up getting a religious, traditional, over thousand-year-old custom reenacted to be separated from faith also.

[ CAPTION: Mayim Bialik ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

For a Hollywood celebrity, the divorce was a very sober and quiet affair where the primary focus hovered around the children and their wellbeing.

Before marriage with Mayim, Stone had always been a good boyfriend for Mayim someone with whom she shared the best of her times. They were dating for quite some time before they were married.

More about Mayim Bialik

As a professional actress, the last couple of years have been in her favor, and she has had great success. She is known for her role in TV shows like “The Big Bang Theory” and “Blossom.” She has also taken up as the host of the show “Candid Camera.”

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Mayim Bialik’s net worth has been estimated to be somewhere around $4 million. Most of her earnings have come through her acting career. She also holds a Ph.D. in Neuroscience making her one of the most qualified actors on TV today.

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Ten Facts about Mayim Bialik

1. Mayim Bialik's real name is Mayim Chaya Bialik.
2. Mayim Bialik was born on December 12, 1975, and is 42 years old.
3. Mayim Bialik was born in San Diego, California, United States.
4. Mayim Bialik started her professional career in 1987.
5. Mayim Bialik married Michael Stone in 2003.
6. Mayim Bialik divorced Michael Stone in 2012.
7. Mayim Bialik's net worth is around $4 million.
8. Mayim Bialik is the mother of two children.
9. Mayim Bialik is 5 feet 4 inches tall.
10. Mayim Bialik's birth sign is Sagittarius.