Why did Liz Jones and her husband, Nirpal get divorced?

HitBerryPublished on   30 Mar, 2016Updated on   17 May, 2021

Why did Liz Jones and her husband, Nirpal get divorced?

Liz and Nirpal Singh Dhaliwal got married in 2002. Although they had dated for some years prior to the marriage, their marriage could not last a lifetime. They got divorced in really bad terms in 2007. Liz accused her husband to a cheater or better say infidel.

The couple had started living separately right in 2006 but their divorce was finalized in 2007. Their separation was taken as more than a marriage of inconvenience by the media.

Liz is a neurotic columnist, and Nirpal is an Asian icon. The media often were full of inquisitions regarding the reason behind their dysfunctional marriage.

Soon after some years of their marriage, it started turning into weird, no-holds-barred weekly soap opera that addicted readers and monopolized dinner-party conversations.

The column started breaking new grounds. At that time, no couple had exposed themselves to that extent until Liza did.

Liz did not just write about her rows with Nirpal and her disappointments in him. She utterly disclosed in a newspaper about flatulence and petulance, his infidelities and halitosis. She even mentioned how she was grossed by his messy clothes and thoughtless behaviors.

She crossed every limit while writing about Nirpal. This shows how mad she was at him. Well she did not even spare herself. She described herself as a hygiene-queen obsessions, cat-mad eccentricities.

She mentioned about her difficulties and how clumsy she had to be while bonding with according to her ‘hairy, smelly male who had taken over her pristine home’.

The column earned Liz a lot of publicity as an innocent loving woman who tried to save her marriage going way ward. Also it portrayed Nirpal as bad, notorious and awful husband.

After reading the column, people were like “So you are the bastard who broke up with your girlfriend on her birthday? Who ignored your bride on your wedding day? The idiot who can never get enough attention, food or sex?”.

Then soon Nirpal had been quick to capitalize on that with Tourism, while Liz had already branched out from her column in a glossy Sunday supplement to a novel ‘Liz Jones's Diary’ which also increased her net worth. Now she has a new role as a fashion writer for one of the tabloids.

Both husband and wife have depicted the marriage of incontinence. By looking at them people were like ‘I am proud to be single’.

People started portraying them as a head spinning juxtaposition of opposites. They tweeted the following:

“She was anal, he a slob. She was sexually unadventurous, he a Sikh lothario. She was a cat person, he an undomesticated puppy. You had to laugh, their mismatch was so grotesque”