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Why did Kathleen Edwards and her husband, Colin Cripps get divorced?

March 23, 2016
First published on:March 23, 2016
by HitBerry

Why Canadian singer Kathleen Edwards got a divorce with her long time husband Colin Cripps has remained a mystery till now. To the eyes of an outsider, the couple seemed happy together. They used to be seen together during social events, and were supportive of each other in every walk of life. Despite this, the two decided to end their married life in 2011, leaving Kathleen’s fans surprised and shocked.  Recent revelations have shed some light on what caused the couple really to part ways.  

In the year 2011, Kathleen was going through what many of her fans describe as mid-life crisis. She was reportedly confused about whether she should continue her singing career and take  forward or give it up to start something new. She was hugely emotional at the time. It has been now suggested, her husband at the time, was of no support to her during these troubling time for her. This is now considered to be the main reason that made once perfect relationship of the two, fall out.

It is also believed Kathleen’s husband at the time was having an extra-marital affair. This made the already sour relationship between two even worse, leading to a divorce later in the same year.

Edwards is taking her time out of music for now.  She currently co-owns and operates a coffee shop in the suburb of Ottawa, Canada. She has stated   in her interviews that she always wanted to a Barista, and this is she realizing her childhood dreams. Her cafe is called ‘Quitters’. The café is very popular among coffee enthusiasts and even her fans from Ottawa.

The Canadian singer is also reportedly taking a time out from dating. She has not dated anyone since her divorce. There are rumors suggesting the singer actually is a lesbian, and that is why she was divorced for the first time and has no boyfriend now. These rumors however have not gained much traction as Edwards has denied the allegations of her being homosexual several times.

Even though Edwards is not involved with music in any way right now, she has a long and successful career to look back to. Her first EP was recorded in 1999. It included six songs. It was called ‘Building 55’. Only about 500 copies of it were sold, but by the year 2000 she was touring across Canada collecting huge revenue and expanding her fan base.  She released her debut album in 2002 titled ‘Failer’. She was declared by the Rolling Stone as the most promising new acts for the year.

 Since then Edwards has gone on to release 2 more albums and 2 EPs. She has also won several accolades in the process. She is 4 time nominee of prestigious Juno Awards.

Her net worth remains unrevealed.

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