Why did Jenna Compono And Zach Nichols Break Up? Know about cause of the breakup

March 9, 2018
First Published On: December 8, 2016

On the 12th episode of The Challenge: Rivals 3, we saw Jenna Compono and Zach Nichols tragic conversation which hinted us about the possible breakup between the adventure show couple.


So, if you follow the reality series, we are very sure that you are willing to find out the actual story behind their breakup. 

Zach ended it. "Everything was great ... I went to call him and said, 'Hey, guess who?' and he said, 'Oh, Brooke.' Zach has since blocked her phone number. "There's really nothing I can do," she added.

So, today we will like to let you know in detail about what actually happened between these two perfect couple. The actual reason behind their breakup is Zach Nichols'es behavior and another big issue sited between the couple is the cheating by Zach Nichols on sexy Jenna Compono.

So, on today's capsule, we will discuss in detail about the breakup story of these two MTV celebrities Jenna Zach.

Zach Nichols blocked Jenna Company's phone number

Zach and Jenna, once a beautiful couple in the show are now leading their separate life. The breakup is now official after Jenna outed the news to her fans via Twitter. 

The Instagram account of Zach which once was full of his pictures with Jenna now holds no trace of her. Which clearly shown that Zach wanted no any memory from his past relationship with Jenna. 

The 12th episode also showed Jenna talking to Zach on phone but he clearly wanted to have no conversation with his ex-girlfriend. The couple has not talked to each other and another flying rumor tells that Zach has blocked Company's phone number which lives no door for conversation open for the former lovers.

What is the reason for their breakup?

The real reason behind their breakup as outed by Jenna via her twitter was Jack's unloyal actions and cheating on Jenna. On MTV's show, we saw a new version if Zach who as pointed by Jenna turned into some cocky person with a totally different mentality.

The couple was having problems earlier in the third season of The Challenge which was seen in episode 12th. 


But the recent news of his comeback to the show can really change our equations as well. The couple can be reunited as Jenna said she could be intimidated on seeing Zach again but so far she has confessed that she will keep playing the game.

And Zack's return will not affect her attitude towards the game as well. She said that on this season she is planning to stay the same, sweet and sexy but she will surely not trust anyone that easy.

Zach Nichols past relationships

Zach Nichols is a handsome man who is desired by many girls and many of us still want to know how many hot divas has this gentleman dated so far? So we are here to give you of some jaw-dropping the names of hottest female stars who at some point in their lives were linked with Zach.

Ashlee Feldman (2013 to 2014)

Zach Nichols has a dating history with Ashlee Feldman. The couple was together for one whole year. They started dating in early 2013 and they got out of their affair in later in 2014.

Zach dated Jonna Mannion in 2012

Zach Nichols also dated the famous TV personality Jonna Mannion in the mid of 2012. The couple was together for sexy six months of time but it was until he found Ashlee Feldman.

Ashley Kelsey and Zach Nichols love story

Ashley Kelsey makes her way to the list of a celebrity who dated the Reality TV hunk, Zach Nichols. The former lovers started dating each other in early 2011 and the couple broke apart in 2012. It looks like Zach can win many ladies but has issues with commitment thing.

Zach was also rumored to be dating Danielle Victor in the same year he dated Jonna. The couple was rumored to be seeing each other but none of them officially accepted the rumor.

So, these are all of the beautiful ladies with whom Zach at some point in life was in a relationship or at least was rumored about. And sources confirm that Jach is not seeing anyone in recent days.

The handsome man is reportedly single for now but we have to see the upcoming season of the reality series to find out if he actually is single or not.

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