Why did Hannah Ware and her husband, Jesse Jenkins get divorced?

HitBerryPublished on   23 Mar, 2016Updated on   04 May, 2021

English model and actress, Hannah Ware best known for her portrayal as Emma Kane in the Starz political drama series Boss, got divorced from her husband, Jesse Jenkins just after a year of marriage.

Since the announcement of their divorce was released, many people made speculations on the reasons behind their split. Some considered the huge age differences between Hannah and her husband. Her husband was about 10 years younger than her.

Model Hannah and skateboarder Jesse got married in a Las Vegas chapel in 2008. She had been dating her boyfriend Jesse for quite a period. They decided to convert their alleged love affair into a marital relationship. While some celebrities take a lot of time dating and figuring out, model Hannah did not take much time and  got married really soon.

 It is rumored that Hannah’s then husband married her just after his recent break up with his ex-girlfriend, Fearne. This might be the reason behind their marriage lasting not even a month. The newlywed couple decided to split just after 11 days of their marriage and filed for divorce.

The marriage between Jesse Jenkins and Hannah Ware was eventually void after a year in February 2009. The couple did not have any children.

Strong buzz suggests that Jesse after his divorce with Hannah got back together with his ex-girlfriend, Fearne Cotton. It has been said that his girlfriend forgave Jenkins and overcame her shock over his marriage. They had been dating for over four years before Jenkins started dating Hannah Ware.

In an interview with Daily Mail, one of the friends of Jesse told:

“Fearne was completely taken by surprise and was pretty thrown by the whole thing.”

“He (Jesse) got married soon after they split up, so perhaps he was on the rebound.”

“Basically the marriage was a mistake and from what I know, he and Hannah both realized quickly.”

Whatever happens happen for the good! Hope they move on in their lives and make right decisions.

Actress Ware has starred in movies including Cop Out, Shame, Oldboy, Touch, Hitman: Agent 47 and 478. In 2015, Ware was seen starring opposite Rupert Friend in the action movie Hitman: Agent 47 as the female protagonist. She was appraised for her role in the Spike Lee’s thriller film Oldboy.

Actress Ware is well known for her roles in TV shows as Emma Kane in the Starz political drama series Boss and as Sara Hanley in the ABC primetime soap opera Betrayal. She has received huge acclaim for her role as Emma Kane, the estranged addict daughter of Chicago mayor Tom Kane. She is the lead character in the series Betrayal.

Hannah Ware’s net worth is under review and has not been disclosed yet.