Why did ESPN's Show Host Keith Olbermann get fired TWICE??

September 22, 2015
First Published On: September 22, 2015
by HitBerry

Keith Olbermann is the legendary ESPN sports and political commentator known for his good humor and exactness with words and knowledge of sports. Keith is loved by all Americans no matter which sport he comments on. Be it the NFL or the MLB, the people just love him.

Keith Olbermann amid his popularity has recently come under scrutiny for his tweets to the Penn state University. This resulted in him getting suspended from the channel for a week. The drama between Keith and Penn state began when Keith responded to a tweet by the university, who were raising funds for cancer research.

Keith and the University began exchanging tweets over the controversial matter back and forth. Eventually, Keith went on to the extent of calling the University “pitiful” which resulted in widespread outrage and garnered immediate nationwide media attention.

Keith, under pressure from ESPN, gave a formal apology and tweeted” I apologize for the PSU tweets. I was stupid and childish and way less mature than the students there who did such a great fundraising job.”

Keith was under further scrutiny after his demeaning tweets and all of his social media statements were regulated from then on. This isn’t the first time Keith has found himself in an uncomfortable situation. He is known to have been in similar circumstances twice before and was even fired once early on in his career.

When all of the drama lost steam and calmed down, once again after only a few months Keith found himself amid another scandal. Only this time, it was with the executive and editorial staff of the company. Keith began having multiple problems with the company, although what the real causes were for this disruption has remained within the corporation. The corporation announced recently that they are calling an end to Keith’s show and he will be leaving the company in the fall of 2015.

Some inside sources from ESPN claim that Keith was actually a victim of cost cutting polices by the corporation. Keith’s show, the Olbermann Show had decreased in ratings considerably after his twitter beef with PSU and was showing no signs of up-liftment at a time when ESPN has been going through issues due to neck to neck competing from its rivals.

 Keith however, has moved on from his ESPN days and according to sources will be seen in a new show on the MSNBC channel concentrating on sports coverage, mainly to deal with MLB.

Keith is 56 years of age and being one of the most sought after baseball journalist in America has expressed his will to carry his career well into his seventies. Keith began dating his girlfriend Katy Tur in the year 2006 and was in a live in relationship until they split in 2010. Keith hasn’t dated anyone since.

Keith is a very popular figure on Twitter with over 547K followers and can be followed under the username @KeithOlbermann.