Why did actor Harry Dean Stanton, age 89, never get married to any of his girlfriends??

February 23, 2016
First Published On: February 23, 2016
by HitBerry

“I dunno how many movies I played, is it 250 or 200, I lost a count a long time ago”, says our very own actor Harry Dean Stanton.

In an interview with Favorwire, the actor reveals that he is not sure of the number of movies he has acted in. It may be that he is just too old to remember. Or perhaps he just doesn’t care about the count. According to IMDB, he has played 184 movies until now.

In the same interview he recalls the early days when he fell in love with Rebecca DeMornay back in 1980s. Among all the girls he dated, this one lasted for a comparatively long. “She left with Tom Cruise.” She’d made a film with him called Risky Business. “I was heartbroken,” he recalls with a gloom. He also adds that he misses her.

Harry, despite being 89 years of age, has never gotten married. Perhaps because the love of his life left him?? But we’ll get back to that in a while.

Harry Dean Stanton is one of the oldest actors in Hollywood. Even at this age of 89, he is fit as a fiddle. The versatile actor is also a musician and singer. His career has spanned over sixty years.  He has appeared in various hit movies till date like Cool Hand Luke; Kelly's Heroes; Dillinger; The Godfather Part II; Alien; Escape from New York; Christine; Paris, Texas; Repo Man; Pretty in Pink; The Last Temptation of Christ; Wild at Heart; The Straight Story; The Green Mile and Inland Empire.

In late 2000s, he played a regular role in the HBO television series Big Love.

The actor is acclaimed for playing cold and bad roles in the movies. His versatile improvising technique has made him a star in over hundreds of movies and fifty episodes in TV series.

The actor was a hot sensation during sixties and seventies. Alice, Chuck, On Holiday, Mongo Wrestling Alliance, Rango, This Must Be the Place, The Avengers, Harry Dean Stanton: Partly Fiction, Seven Psychopaths, The Last Stand, Getting On, The Pimp and the Rose etc are the latest movies in which he has appeared.

There has also been a hoax of the actor being dead, but don’t fall for it. Actually, he will be appearing in yet another movie Twin Peaks in 2017.

Even if the actor is about hit his wise nineties, he is does not have wife and children children. But he is neither a virgin nor gay. In his young age, he was involved in many on and off affairs and dating.

According to reporters of juicy celebs, the actor wanted to get married before he hit his sixties, but he did not find his perfect match.

“It is better not to fall for something of which you are not sure of”, he says in an interview with insiders from IMDB. By this he mean it is better to not get married to someone who you are not sure of being with for a lifetime and if it were to end up to divorce.

The net worth of the actor is estimated to be $10 million dollars.