Who is Maria Zyrianova? Who is she dating Currently? Know her Affairs and Relationship

Maria Zyrianova is a Russian born actress best known for TV series like Baby Daddy and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. She currently dwells in Los Angles and also doing stand-up comedy. Who is she dating? Know her affairs and relationship?


Today, we are here to discuss the personal life of a Siberian actress Maria Zyrianove who has switched to Los Angles to pursue her career in acting. As she has kept her dating and affair private we are more curious to know about her relationship.

Who is Maria Zyrianova?

Maria Zyrianove is 5.9" ft actress, born and raised in Siberia, Russia. Interested in acting for her early childhood, she decided to pursue her career in the acting profession later on. Before starring as Milena in Baby Daddy 3's episodes in 2013, she appeared in several minor roles afterward. In 2016, she appeared in an uncredited role as a blond woman in a psychological thriller film Nocturnal Animals.

Zyrianova who now lives in Los Angles is also engaged in modeling and is a stand-up comedian. Her recent jobs are Dexter, Baby Daddy, and Hollywood Improve.

Who is she dating? Find more about her affairs and relationship.

Now that we know who she is and her career, let's jump into her more personal life. It’s no doubt that Zyrianova has got an hourglass figure and many men around her are ever interested to date her.

Zyrianova is spotted with many male characters on TV but is she dating anyone among them? Besides it, she is also seen spending time and throwing parties where we can see her enjoying and having fun with different handsome, muscular men.

Zyrianova who is almost inactive in social media has kept her personal life private as possible. Despite, she spent time with many men around her in her profession and her daily life she has never pointed any one to be her dating partner.

CAPTION: A photo from Baby Dady TV series  SOURCE: IMDB

Looks like Zyrianove is not involved in any kind of affairs and relationship, better she can be stated single. Moreover, she has left no records or clues about her past affairs and relationship, so that we can say she was dating somebody in her past life.