Who is YouTube star Manny Gutierrez dating currently? Unravel his love life in detail

A famous openly gay YouTuber Manny Gutierrez is one guy people must know about. He has kept his love life under the radar and who he is dating currently is the mystery hard to be solved. Even so, Manny is linked with a popular face. Let's get to know his love life in detail.

The 26-years-old Manny Gutierrez, known professionally as Manny MUA, is a make-up artist, Youtuber, beauty blogger, and beauty influencer. He is the first male brand ambassador for makeup brand Maybelline.

Who is YouTube star Manny Gutierrez dating currently?

We have been acknowledging the gay related issues over the last few years. Many people were found outspoken about it promoting gay communities in the society. Well, Manny Gutierrez is one of them. He stood out as a true example and openly confessed that he is gay. Check out his YouTube video coming out as gay!

What about his love life? Has he revealed his boyfriend's identity after coming out as a gay? That's the question still not resolved till now.

According to the reports, he is single at the moment. He expressed to the press that after he kissed a boy for the first time, that's when he felt beautiful. Rather than his personal life, Gutierrez is found extensively active in his professional life.

Gutierrez now has almost 2.7 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. Fast five facts of Manny tells that drop out from the medical school and follow his true calling which was a makeup artist. To pursue his dream, Manny began working in the makeup shops and after learning he created his own channel where he would give makeup tutorials.


Soon his videos got viral and his channel's popularity skyrocketed. He is now found active not only on YouTube but also on other social sites such as SnapChat and Instagram. He also comes on The Top 10 Makeup & Beauty Vloggers of 2017 at the seven spot.

Later, he got associated with YouTuber Jaclyn Hill and uploaded joint videos collaborating with her. They together received immense success and subscribers to their channel. Gutierrez has earned 3.5 million followers on Instagram and over 150 thousand Twitter followers.

$350,000 net worth holder Manny was also featured in a Maybelline Advertisement for mascara. He is doing just fine with his life following his passion. Throughout his work life, it cannot be denied that he stayed single.


Rumors have it that he may have been romantically associated with a guy. Let's unravel!

Manny Gutierrez's rumored love story

The makeup artist Manny is seen often with the famous vlogger Patrick Starr in the public as well as in the social media.

On an interesting note, Patrick is the one who opened Manny door of his dream. Manny while began his career working at the makeup shops, Patrick is the guy who helped him get the job.


They met way before while Manny was still a young boy. Ever since their first encounter, the two have been best friends. They work together, and they hang out time and again.

They together posted a picture of them getting married on 15 November 2016 which later Manny stated as their scheme of work. Manny was a part of a wedding makeup series and Gutierrez posed as Patrick’s husband, and Patrick wore a gorgeous wedding dress.

Although after the post, many people speculated that Patrick could be Manny's boyfriend. How much the news is true, future will tell us.