Who is Yancy Butler Dating Currently? Know his Affairs and Relationship

February 7, 2018
First published on:October 10, 2017
by HitBerry

Have you ever wondered, where are the celebrities who once was a candy eye for all? Well some of them are still in the film industry while many of them step out of the spotlight.


But here is the exceptional case, after almost five decades in Hollywood, an American Actress Yancy Butler is still coming with her movies.

An American actress Yancy Victoria Butler aka Yancy Butler is best known for her roles as Natasha Binder from the movie Hard Target. Well after all these years in Hollywood, has this beauty dated anyone?  If not, is she still single? Let's find out.

Is Yancy Butler in 2017?

Witchblade star Yancy, personal life has never been on a smooth road. In 2017, Yancy Buttler was charged again with drunken driving. Is her professional life going as bad as her personal life?

We Yancy has been in a few relationships in her past but in recent years Butler hasn't made much of headlines. While most of the celebrities take over social media to open up about their relationship, Yancy prefers not to do so.

[ CAPTION: Yancy Butler ][ SOURCE: The Movie Database ]

So the big question is Who is Yancy dating?  Some resources have claimed that the 47 years old Butler is in her single life. So far, Butler hasn't made much of news when it comes to her love affairs.

If we take a quick look at Yancy's Instagram, she likes to keeps herself with works and spends much of her time with friends. While the celebrities of her age are enjoying their married life, Yancy is nowhere to be interested in getting married.

It's not that Buttler is shy when it comes to dating, she seems to be enjoying her single life.

So what she is up to in recent days?  Well, she is in the movie named Death Race 2050 and in 2013, she appeared in Kick-Ass as Angie D'Amico.

Yancy Butler's Past Relationships and Affairs

When it comes to the past relationship of Yancy Buttler, none of them has a happy ending. Most of her past relationship has ended up either in charges or by the hands of the law.

Yancy was in a relationship with 53-year-old Earl Ward Jr. But in 2007, they caught up in a fight. Some of the witnesses claimed that Yancy was drunk and threw several items on him. Ward told to the policemen that, Yancy smoked cocaine and lots of liquor over the weekend.

Here is the video of Yancy opening about her relationship and career.

Once again, A New York Man faced several charges after his ex-girlfriend Yancy accused of stalking her. The 48-year-old  James Discroll was brought in court for the charges of breach of the stalk and sexual harassment.

Well, this might be the reason for Yancy to remain single. Her troubled life and past cases on her ex-boyfriend.